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Observation 4.2

February 6, 2004

Here is another set of random thoughts from the brain of Grieb:

1.  Taco Bell has some commercial regarding one of their burritos.  It 
says "A whole half pound."  What the hell does this mean?  Are there 
different sizes of half pounds? II only want a half half pound, can you 
do this for me?  

2. Speaking of commercials, when is Chevy going to retire that 
God-awful Bob Seger commercial, Like a Rock?  This commercial will be the 
single reason I never buy a Chevy.  Enough with the song, already.  Oh, and 
you can take that Mazda "Zoom-Zoom" kid, and let him play in traffic - 
I hate that commercial too.

3.  Yes, I saw the Janet Jackson incident during the Super Bowl.  It's 
funny, but that bit helped to save that piece of crap half-time 
performance. I haven't talked this much about Janet since.....well, since 
never.  Her boob looked like a flat tire, by the way.  I figure with all of 
the plastic surgery she has had done to her, she would've done 
something with those "half-filled water balloons."  I think Michael could 
recommend a plastic surgeon for her.

4.  Another year, another Super Bowl without the Eagles.  Did anybody 
notice how Ricky Manning got schooled by the New England receivers?  
This is the same 5 foot-eight-inch cornerback that made Todd Pinkston his 
personal bi-otch.  Hey Andy, put the cheese-steak down and sign some 
average or above-average receivers, eh?

5.  I thought the commercial with the dog biting the guys crotch was 
the best super bowl commercial.  Hey, anytime somebody's crotch gets 
attacked in a commercial, it's as good as gold.  Besides, most of the rest 
of the commercials sucked.  My question is, why do these companies pay 
so much money for boring, drab commercials during the super bowl? Do 
the smartest marketers and advertisers only work for soda and beer 
companies?  Christ, could you imagine how funny the commercials would be if 
they still allowed cigarette manufactures to advertise on T.V.?

6. Is it a rule to have Aerosmith perform at every Super Bowl?  I think 
they performed at Super Bowl 1.  And why do they insist on packing the 
half-time show with all of these pop artists who sing 30 second clips 
of their songs?  Well, actually, they don't sing any of their songs, 
they just lip sync them, which is also ridiculous.  How about we get a 
band like Blink 182 or the Ataris and let them play a mini-concert at 
half-time.  I'm pretty sure they would refuse to lip sync, because they 
have "marbles."

7. Clutching and Grabbing in hockey is the major reason the sport is 
failing.  These morons that say fighting is the reason the sport will 
never be taken seriously should turn on t.v. on any given night, and have 
a look at the successful shows.  Violence is a major selling point.  If 
you can combine violence and sports, it is a major selling point - 
hockey used to be able to do that. Now they market clutching and grabbing.  
How many more seasons of the Devils in the finals do we have to take 
before somebody finally realizes this?
This was a response given to a previous observation.  The responder is Ryk Herrmann, 
a coworker of mine:
About your weekly observations: and I quote:  "Worst Day of 2003:  The worst one was 
probably when the Eagles lost to Tampa in the NFC championship game. I was down for 
weeks. It still kind of hurts to talk about it. Another tough day was when I left Penn State - I
 left a lot of great co-workers and friends behind. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the people I 
work with at Lockheed now, but it was tough leaving Penn State for that reason." 
 IT'S ONLY FOOTBALL! Now the Penn state thing I can understand... BUT BEING DOWN 
CAUSE THEY LOST????? I just don't understand, I guess.......


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