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Observation 3.1.4

April 14, 2003

I have a serious problem with Tim Robbins - not because he is anti-war, but because of a bone-headed comment he made this past week.  The baseball hall-of-fame decided to scrap the 15th anniversary celebration of the release of Bull Durham (by the way, if you haven't seen this movie, you are not an American!) because the commissioner felt that what Robbins and Susan Seranden (don't know how to spell her name, and really don't care) had been anti-American in their "high-profile" antics in showing that they were against the war.

Robbins went on the defensive because of this.  He said that he didn't realize that baseball is Republican - kind of a stupid point, but that part of his argument makes sense.  The Hall of Fame really shouldn't have scrapped the Bull Durham celebration because of those two dopes.  Instead, they should've gotten verbal and written commitment from the two of them (and the rest of the cast, for that matter), that they wouldn't use the spotlight at this event to voice their anti-war garbage.  Besides, it's a great fuckin' movie.

The part that totally blew his credibility out of the water was when he said that he was disappointed that the president of the Hall of Fame was using his position as a soap-box for his pro-war stance.  Uh, hello, Mr. Robbins - you and your bug-eyed wife are movie stars and you use your position as a soap-box for your anti-war rhetoric, don't you?  How could you be so stupid and careless to use this as a defense?  Are you really that dumb?  Tim, did you really have to stretch to play the character of "Meat" in Bull Durham, because for a long time there, I thought it was a great acting performance, but now I'm starting to think that your performance is more comparable to Corky in that T.V. show, "Life Goes On."  I mean, you felt bad for the kid, and he was very believable, playing a "slow" person, because HE WAS SLOW!  

You know, I heard that somebody asked Jeanine Garofolo (Don't ask me if this is the right spelling), that if G.W. was right, and the Iraqi citizens would welcome the U.S., then would she apologize.  She said that not only would she apologize, but she would bring roses to the front step of the White House.  We're waiting, Jeanine.


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