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Observation 3.1.13

August 18, 2003

Styk's House 10 is in the books.  If you weren't there, where the hell were you?  Bobby and Diane, I tell you this every year.  It is one of the true highlights of the summer to celebrate Styk's House.  To my chagrin, this year's party was supposed to be the last one.  As the party approached, I was excited, and at the same time, I was a little sad.  I loved this party, I loved the horse-shoe tournament, the food, the prizes, but most of all, I loved getting together with so many of my friends to celebrate such a great cause.

Most of you are familiar with the Jimmy Earlis scholarship that this party has been helping to fund, and if not, shame on you (you can find more information out about it at http://stykshouse.tripod.com).  I was lucky enough to meet Jimmy on a couple of occasions, and we shared a lot of the same interests (we loved sports, and we loved the Stones).  Jimmy left the world much too early, but his legacy still shines.  Look at the friends and family who come out to support you every year, Jimmy!

This year was different, the last hurrah.  Also, I was dissed by my fellow "Siegels" teammate in the horse-shoe tournament this year, something that I figured would probably happen at some point.  I can't lie when I tell you that I was disappointed in my former partner - especially after a few years earlier I made the mistake of choosing him over a close friend (and member of the family).  I stuck my neck out on the line for him then, and he failed to do so for me.  Oh well, enough of the sour grapes.  I was fortunate enough to get a worthy partner in Lane (Rich's brother-in-law), and we had a good run, winning the first two games in the tournament.  Unfortunately, we ran into the buzz-saw of Drew and Arty (team hat).  We tried to play them tough, and for a while there we did, but we ended up bowing to the better team (this year, at least).  Arty and Drew made it to the finals and lost to Rich and George (Team Tears), in quite a tournament.

The day started off rainy and muggy, but the sun did manage to squeeze through the clouds, at least for a little while, and many, many people came out to celebrate this day, the last Styk's House ever......or was it?  Towards the end of the horse-shoe tournament, Bob Quercetti got on the microphone and announced that this would  not be the last, but there would indeed be at least one more Styk's House, sometime next July!!!  

Boy, this made my day.  I could have lost to some paraplegic's in the horse-shoe tournament, and it still couldn't have dampened my day any.  Another Styk's House!  Another year to be with friends and remember Jimmy together.  Thanks, Bobby and Diane!

More house updates, and other funny stories coming soon.  Please keep reading!

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