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Weekly Observation

**I am now a blogger! I am putting my observations on my blogging website from now on. You can still view other previous observations here, but to see my new observations, please go to http://losrulz.blogspot.com/. **


For the better part of two years, I have written a weekly observation, and would've continued to do so if Geocities didn't decide to be a bunch of schmucks and disallow the use of Frontpage on their website.  Anyway, it gave me a perfect opportunity to redesign my website.  Of course, I'm not going to be including any back issues of the observation on this site, but if you want a list of the observations, you can always e-mail me at losrulz2002@yahoo.com.  Also, if there are any specific observations you liked and would like to see re-posted (or any other things like Dear Chinky, and Brandon's Slant), please e-mail me.


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