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Observation 3.1.5

April 28, 2003

Sorry I haven't been doing the weekly observation thing - I've been super busy.  In addition to working on the new house, which looks great by the way, I've also been participating in our deck hockey team's playoffs.  We have played something like 8 games in 14 days, and we've made it to the championships, in which we currently have a 2-0 lead in the best of 7 series.  Both games have been very close, and I know our team just wants to get this over with (it's been a long season), so wish us luck!

I thought I'd let all of you know that I have been quoted on a famous person's website recently.  Now, I know most of you probably don't watch professional wrestling, but I bet that most of you have heard of Rowdy Roddy Piper.  A few months ago, when I was still working at Penn State, I went to his website, and sent him an e-mail.  About a week ago, Bobby (Styk) called me and told me he was surfing the net and happened to stumble onto Roddy's website, when he noticed that my e-mail to him was plastered on the front page!  Yeah, so now there is really only one degree of separation between me and Piper.  In case you want to check out the website, go to www.inthepitwithpiper.com.  It is all the way on the bottom of the page.

Not to toot my own horn (and no, I don't mean to fart), but Penn State Mont Alto is celebrating its 100th year in the Penn State system (it's the campus I went to before University Park).  Las year, they asked for alumni submissions they would include in a Centennial History Book of Mont Alto.  I, of course, submitted my experience at Mont Alto, and I got official word last week that my submission would be in the book (I also submitted some pictures, but we'll see if they get put in), and that I would be getting a free copy of the book in the near future!

I'm very impressed with our Philadelphia sports team at the moment - the Sixers are up 2 games to 1 against New Orleans as of this writing, and the Flyers won a hard-fought first round series with Toronto, and are currently tied with the Senators at 1 game each.  The Phillies are 15-10 as of this writing, and just received a no-hitter from Kevin Millwood (thanks Atlanta!), and the Eagles seemed to have had a good draft (only time will tell!).

Finally, I want to be one of the first people to welcome back Smokin' Steve!  As many of you know, he has been up in Boston doing a terrific job reporting traffic for the better part of 6 years.  He announced that he would be back in Philly in about a month, and hopefully we'll all have the pleasure of hearing his traffic reports on the Philly airwaves soon. Also, Steve is going to give stand-up comedy a shot, and I have volunteered to help him come up with material for this.  Good luck and welcome home, big guy!

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