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Number 2


Who is Los?

Los, as we know it, was born on June 2, 1972, at Sacred Heart Hospital in the, er, beautiful town of Chester, PA.  As you can see, Los was ahead of the curve from the start, as far as communication goes. 

Los grew up in Glenolden, PA, a town he would spend most of his life, so far.  He was generally a quiet youngster, with the exception of when he was introduced to his cousins Drew and Trish.  "It was like someone gave him 10 cups of coffee when he was in the same room as his cousins," said one unnamed source. 

Los met many of his good friends at a very young age.  He, of course, met his cousins Drew and Trish first, followed by Ray-Ray, Birdman, Davers, and the rest.


Karl went to Glenolden school, and graduated Interboro High School in 1990.  He went on to attend Penn State (Penn State Mont Alto for two years, and University Park for another two years).  He learned the art of drinking very cheap beer, and lots of it, in addition to expanding his horizons with regards to food and music.  You see, Los was very sheltered before moving on to college.  Many say that he liked only the Rolling Stones, and Goulash prior to college (which probably wasn't far from the truth).  And, although he still does like those things, he has been known to eat such foods as sushi and Baked Lays potato chips, while listening to Alice in Chains and Nine Inch Nails.


Los has made some bone-headed decisions in his day, such as getting engaged during college to a born-again Christian, agreeing to share an apartment room in college with Matt Robinson, and deciding that a Penn State education would be good enough to get him a job out of college (deciding to ignore doing an internship). Thus, after graduation, Los went back and worked at a neighborhood pet store, cleaning feces out of the dog cages every morning - ah, the advantages of having a college degree.  Eventually, Los's luck changed (for the better?).  He transitioned into the, er, finance industry, by becoming a bank teller.  "I just love the third of every month," was one of the common utterances of Los whilst at the bank.  He so dearly loved working with the elderly on those days, as they cashed their social security checks, and asked for all 5's and 1's.  Los still denies hoping that some of them would get mugged when leaving the bank with that big bounty of small bills.

Los decided to take a chance and finally do an internship........2 years after graduation.  He was "hired" by the Philadelphia Eagles as an unpaid P.R. intern.  He worked long, hard hours, learned his craft, and made $0 dollars in that time.  Some of his greatest highlights with the Eagles was meeting John Madden, urinating next to Michael Buffer (Let's get Ready to Rumble), brushing his teeth next to Mike Quick in training camp, and getting a vice president for the Eagles to play on his dek hockey team. 

Los moved on to the Leukemia Society after that, and was able to travel to places like Dublin, Ireland, Anchorage, Alaska, and Atlantic City, New Jersey, as part of the Team in Training Program.  He made some wonderful friends there, of which he keeps in touch with none of them.

In July, 1998, Los went back to his Alma Mater, this time as an Alumni and Public Relations coordinator, at Penn State Delaware County.  He organized many trips to University Park, wrote an ungodly amount of press releases (numbering somewhere near 1000), and worked approximately 25 hours a day, for the most part.  Penn State was where Los did some growing up.  He learned the art of creative writing, events management, and sucking up to alumni and the CEO of the campus.

Los began graduate school in 1999, finally finishing in 2002, and getting his degree in Instructional Design from Penn State Great Valley. 

In the nearly 5 years at Delco, Los has met Graham Spanier, Adam Taliaferro, Todd Blackledge, and a host of other prominent Penn Staters.  It was good to also see that Los, at least in the beginning of his time at Penn State Delaware County, was still dating freaks.  Some of the ones that apparently went out with Los included a red-headed psychopath who owned 2 Harley Davidsons, a Doylestown resident who liked to give Los a pat on the back after each date (just a pat on the back), and a "wedding date" who would get drunk at receptions and cry the entire way home. 

But, alas, Los did finally find his "one and only," thanks to his bud, Brandon, from college.  Sue Kane literally whisked Los off of his feet (no easy task), with her uncanny clumsiness, good looks, and remarkably similar personality.   

So, in 2003, Los will only have minor changes in his life, as he will be (a) changing his job from working at Penn State to Lockheed Martin, (b) finally moving out of his parents', er, roommates' house, and (c) getting married.  Best of luck to our balding, stout, German friend!