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Number 2


Observation 3.1.2

March 24, 2003

Iraq, My Thoughts

Our country has entered war with Iraq.  Let me preface this by saying that I don't think anybody particularly likes war, but I think it is time that we "eliminated" Saddam Hussein and his "Nazi-style" dictatorship from this planet.  I think we probably also should put other "evil countries" on warning, and this message we are currently sending to Iraq is a good start.  It seems that most people have already forgotten about what happened to this country on 9/11, and while Hussein wasn't directly involved, he certainly had his hands at least partially this.  He has killed more than 2.5 million of his own people since he gained power.  His idols are Stalin and Hitler.  He has used chemical weapons in every war he has been in.  He has paid approximately $25,000 to every Palestinian family whose son conducted a suicide bombing on the Israelis.  This man is a hard-core terrorist.  I think it's time for some of these protestors in this country to realize the importance of eliminating Hussein, and to also remember why we are doing this - no, not because of oil (at least not mainly because of oil), but so that a 9/11 never happens to this country ever again.  In the upcoming weeks and months, we will find a lot of evidence in Iraq that supports our claims (chemical weapons, communication with Al-Qaeda), and a lot of countries that were against us will have to eat their words.  I would like to see how the French would react to the bombing of the Eifel Tower.  The U.S. would probably be begged by the spineless French to bail them out for the ump-teenth time.   One of these times, we should just sit by and enjoy a French struggle.


The NCAA Tournament

On to another subject.  I'm not sure why I'm not that interested in the NCAA tournament this year - maybe it's because I'm still getting over the Eagles' playoff disaster hangover.  Possibly, it's because both the Flyers and Sixers have been doing so well.  Maybe it's because the Phillies have finally made a push to respectability.  I guess Penn State's Men's basketball's embarrassing second-straight 7-win season might be a partial culprit.  Whatever it is, I just haven't had that NCAA fever that I used to have. Somebody let me know who wins.


The Stones in China

The Rolling Stones will be playing somewhere they've never played before this upcoming year - China.  In the past, they've been banned, mainly because of Keith Richards' "medical problems."  This year, they will finally be allowed to play in China - on one condition. They are not allowed to play the following four songs - Beast of Burden, Satisfaction, Let's Spend the Night Together, and Brown Sugar.  Why?  Because these songs highlight sex, and/or portray sexual meanings.   Interesting.  See, for all of these years, I thought that just about every song the Stones have performed has portrayed some sort of sexual meaning.  Apparently the line "You make a dead man cum," in the song Start Me Up does not mean what I think it means.  Or maybe, 'I wanna fuck your sweet ass," from Sparks Will Fly has some wholesome meaning that I was unable to comprehend.  Don't even get me started on the song Starfucker.  Anyway, best of luck in China to the ageless wonders.  I'm sure they'll be able to put together some sort of concert where they can cover nursery ryhmes.


Observation 3.1.1 - New Grieb Updates (new house, new job, new Grieb) - 3/17/03