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Fantasy Sports and Dicks Madden Football Stuff

As many of you know, I am a huge Fantasy Sports fan.  I play in many baseball, football, and hockey fantasy sports leagues, in addition to having run my own football and hockey fantasy sports league.  Here are some champions from the past:

Fantasy Football (Dicks League): 

1998 - Hairy Donuts - Arty Erle 

1999 - Team Slim - Mark McCandless 

2000 - The Players - Nick Gabriele 

2001 - The Barons - Karl Grieb 

2002 - Team Bird - Bill Brooks

2003 - The Fighting Amish - Joe Waslewski 


Fantasy Hockey 

1998 - Karl Grieb 

1999 - Nick Gabriele 

2000 - Anthony Daversa 

2001 - Karl Grieb


I'm also in a new Dicks Madden Football League, which is quite awesome!  There are 13 of us, and the league is quite cool.  Check out the our league website at

Please click here to get to my team website: Berlin Bratwurst