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Fantasy Sports and Dicks Madden Football Stuff

As many of you know, I am a huge Fantasy Sports fan.  I play in many baseball, football, and hockey fantasy sports leagues, in addition to having run my own football and hockey fantasy sports league.  Here are some champions from the past:

Fantasy Football (Dicks League): 

1998 - Hairy Donuts - Arty Erle 

1999 - Team Slim - Mark McCandless 

2000 - The Players - Nick Gabriele 

2001 - The Barons - Karl Grieb 

2002 - Team Bird - Bill Brooks

2003 - The Fighting Amish - Joe Waslewski 


Fantasy Hockey 

1998 - Karl Grieb 

1999 - Nick Gabriele 

2000 - Anthony Daversa 

2001 - Karl Grieb


I'm also in a new Dicks Madden Football League, which is quite awesome!  There are 13 of us, and the league is quite cool.  Check out the our league website at http://www.dmfl.net

Please click here to get to my team website: Berlin Bratwurst