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Observation 3.1.3

April 7, 2003

Just some random thoughts:

Sorry I took a week off, but can you blame me?  Sue and I settled on our house last Friday, and I threw a surprise birthday party for Sue on Saturday.  I wanted to thank Lisa, Christine, and Brandon for a lot of the legwork behind the scenes on actually setting up a theme and getting decorations.  Thank you to Anita and Mark for helping with the set-up on the day of the party.  A huge thank you to my parents and Sue's parents for their work in setting up and getting all of the food and paper-ware.  All in all, it was a fun time, and I'll have pictures up soon, I hope.

Also, I wanted to wish Bob Quercetti the best in getting better - he had his back surgery today.  We're all praying for you, big guy.  As an aside, check out the cool thing that Bobby came up with  - our own online Madden Football league (great work, Mark, with the helmet designs!) - http://dicksmfl.tripod.com.  My team is the Bratwurst!

I'm sure I'm setting myself up for the usual fall, but the Philadelphia Flyers are playing some great hockey, just in time for the playoffs.  They are as deep as they've been in a long time (you'd probably have to go back to 1987 to find a team as deep as this Flyers team).  They've been scoring a lot of goals lately, their power play has been better, and they are riding a hot goaltender.  Of course the Toronto Maple Leafs currently stand in the way, in the first round, at least.  The Flyers have had a tough time with the Leafs in the playoffs over the years (and just about every other team they have played in the first round over the past decade).  It should probably be the best first-round series in the entire NHL, and my prediction is that it goes seven games.  I'm not going to pick a winner (except the boogies out of my nose), for fear of spiting a particular team.

In the week + that we've had our house, Sue and I have become very handy (with the help of our parents).  We've repaired some big holes, took down the basement ceiling, ripped up wallpaper, spackled, primed, and even found time to have the door and window people come out (not that this is very handy).  Funny, how some people who said they'd help have suddenly disappeared (no names mentioned - you know who you are).  I'll have to remember this in case somebody ever asks me for a favor again (but that's neither here nor there).  And don't give me that "Tell me when you need me" crap - come over anytime during the weekend (that includes Friday night), and we'll feed you, provide beer, and music (via a little boom box) - but not this Saturday, because Sue and I have Pre-Caena (SP) - some goofy Catholic pre-wedding class.

My favorite 2 phrases I heard this week are:

Gorilla Salad - that is when a woman hasn't groomed her "nether" regions (think about it).

Making Glue - Another term for masturbation.


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