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Observation 3.1.9

June 14, 2003

So, after a brief break in wedding planning, due to the purchase of a new house (and a shit-load of work that needed to, and continues to need to, be done on the new house), Sue and I are back planning for the wedding.  Last weekend, we had her bridal shower (I know it was early, but circumstances prevented us from doing it later), and Sue got a lot of really nice gifts (thanks to all who attended and provided such great gifts!).  I think the best part of the day was the story on how we were going to get Sue to this party and surprise her.

If you know Sue (and most of you do), she loves surprises.  The problem is that she always tries to guess about the surprise prior to the surprise.  Case in point - Sue had been trying to guess when her surprise bridal shower was going to be.  It seemed like every event or party we went to, Sue had a "feeling" that this party was a shower for her.  We did get her good with the shower.

About 3 months ago, the bridesmaids started planning for when to have the shower.  I was involved in the planning in that I had to make sure we made no plans for the day of the shower, AND I had to get her to the shower.  It sounds like an easy job (and it definitely was easier than the one the bridesmaids had of sending invitations, getting the house ready, etc.), but it's never easy with Sue.

Our original plan was for me to suggest that Sue and I work on the house on Friday night late into the night, and then to get up early and work on the house on Saturday.  This would mean that she would have to stay at her mom's house, and away from Lisa's house (for those of you who don't know, Sue currently lives with Lisa, and this is also where the party was).  I also would say that I needed a haircut, so I would have to stay at my parents' place.

The plan changed about 3 or 4 times.  When Diane sent Sue an invite to a purse party (or handbag party) at her place on Friday night, Lisa was going to go with Sue and then they were going to meet up with me and my friends at the Toll House afterwards to celebrate my birthday.  Lisa was going to leave early, and I was going to drive Sue back to her parents' place.  That plan fell through when Sue, in a moment of having strange sense responsibility, said that she didn't want to spend money on a handbag, because we needed to put the money into the house.  

We had to go back to the original plan.  But how would we get her back to Lisa's house?  We devised that Lisa would call Sue at around 10:45 on Saturday to tell her that Lisa's car was giving her problems and that she needed our help.  I was supposed to try to keep Sue relatively "clean" so she wouldn't have to shower for her shower (cute).  My plan was to maybe take her out for breakfast, go to Home Depot, and then to Sears to pick up our new grill.  Of course, Sue wanted to do nothing but work on the house, so that is what we ultimately did. 

At 10:45, Sue got a call from Lisa regarding her car trouble.  Sue, ever the reluctant one to help one of her best friends out, suggested that Lisa call Angela or Christine.  Lisa said that she already tried that, so Sue put her on the phone with me.  I tried to put on a good acting job, pretending to be pissed at this inconvenience.  Finally, I agreed that we would drive down to the city to help Lisa.  After I hung up with her, Sue decided to give Angela a call to make sure that she wasn't available.  Angela picked up the phone and said that one of her family members got rushed to the hospital and she was heading there.  

Sue then asked if I wanted to help Lisa out alone, so that Sue could continue to work on the house - I had no good comeback to this, but somehow persuaded her to go with me.  We drove to house really slowly, because I didn't want to get there too early.  Finally, Sue and I got there, and Sue instructed me to wait in the car, while she got Lisa.  At that point, I knew she had no idea about the party.  Sue went in the house, clad in her painting outfit, and got the shit scared out of her from the loud 'surprise' scream from the room-full of family and friends.  

It was a great moment, and what made it even better was the fact that I didn't have to stay at the shower.

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