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Observation 3.1.21

December 24, 2003

This will be the first Christmas that Sue and I will be spending together in our new house, and we are really excited about it!  Even though, we still have a lot of work to do on it, the house is looking great! 

We recently put up our Christmas tree, and even though it is blocking the entire fish tank, it looks great!  Of course, we still don’t have a top to put on the tree – Sue didn’t like the top that I bought, even though it looks very “Mummer-like.” She also didn’t really like some of the Christmas lights that I purchased.  In fact, when I suggested that I should go out and buy more Christmas lights and ornaments, she said something to the effect of “We really don’t have the money nor the room for any more of the junk you buy.”  Merry Christmas, Karl.

We have also undertaken the challenge of having a New Year’s party this year.  This will be our first “full-blown” party, and we are pretty excited about it.  It helps when one has a karaoke machine and a beer-meister in the basement.  We even just got cable put down in the basement for those people who would rather watch Dick Clark ring in the new year instead of listening to the “artful deflowering” of many a song by yours truly.

We’ve had quite a holiday season so far – snow in early December, Christmas parties every weekend, writing Christmas and thank you cards (for the wedding – you should be getting yours soon, hopefully).  In fact, since the wedding, I haven’t really had time to catch my breath.  It’s been pretty hectic, but we expected it.  Hopefully, things will slow down a little over the brief break.

Speaking of which, that is the biggest thing I miss about Penn State Delaware County.  When I worked there, we would get like 11 days off in a row for the holidays – so I would take an extra 3 days off so that I could make it a perfect 2 weeks.  Here at Lockheed, I am actually work 2 11-hour shifts, and a 10-hour shift, so that I can take Friday off.  Let me tell you how much fun working 11 hours in a day is….Nah, I’m too tired to do that right now. But, it’s worth it – I really would hate coming to work the day after Christmas and the day after New Year’s to work.

Speaking of Christmas (as if I haven’t been speaking of Christmas this entire time), if anybody is interested, Mark, Sue and I are going down to the Toll House (Troll House) at 8:00 p.m. on Christmas night, in case anybody is interested.  It’s a nice time relax, wind down, and have a few Christmas brewskies!  See you there.

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