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Observation 3.1.18

November 19, 2003

Well, I'm back from our honeymoon.  You know something - I can't believe how quickly everything went.  I mean, it feels like I was just planning for the wedding, and now it's gone.  Everyone told me it would be that way, but I didn't believe them.

The wedding was so much fun (actually, it was the reception that was fun).  The music was great (thanks, Steve!), the food was awesome, and of course the drinks were great too.  I hope to have some pictures up on the website for everyone to see in the near future.  Some of my favorite parts of the reception included the entrance of the bridal party to different game show themes (Price is Right, Tic Tac Dough, The Dating Game, etc.), the Lupa (SP) dance, and the final dance (Beautiful Night by Paul McCartney). Some of the funniest things included my mom doing the Lupa dance, my dad dancing to the Humpty Dance, and somebody putting a scarf between my dad's legs and rubbing it around his crotch (yikes!).  Props go out to my brother for an excellent speech, and to all involved - you made everything go smoothly.  Oh, and thanks for trashing my room - some of you still aren't married, and when that day comes, I'll be sure to return the favor.

The honeymoon was wonderful - if you haven't gone to a Sandals resort, you have to go.  They treat you like royalty.  I also recommend that you choose the Concierge service - it is worth the extra cost.  Sue and I ordered so much room service - drank so much of the beer, champagne, wine, soda, and water in the fridge, that it more than paid for itself.  The Sandals Grande St. Lucia was beautiful.  The beach was great, the entertainment was top-notch, and the food was wonderful.  They also have great activities including water sports (hobie-cat, tubing, water-skiing, snorkeling, scuba-diving, etc.).  When Sunday came around, I was really depressed - I didn't want to leave.  The weather was great - high 80's, lots of sunshine, and just a whole heckuva lot of fun.

We drank a lot of frozen drinks down in St. Lucia, which would be gay if we did that in Philly.  In fact one of the people we met stated "If I ordered a strawberry daquiri in Boston, I'd beat myself up."  That said it all.

Thank you all for your wonderful gifts (Matt, where the hell is yours?) - we especially liked the money, and the beer meister - it is already set up in our basement.  Stop by if you want to sometime! 

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