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Observation 3.1.19

December 3, 2003

Holy mackerel - December already????

We had our annual "Day after Thanksgiving Football Game" this past Friday, and this year's game was one of the best.  First of all, we had a lot of people - probably around 12 - come out for this year's classic.  Second of all, we played for more than the usual 1/2 hour - we actually played for close to 2 hours.  It wasn't high-speed football, mind you, but us old farts could still make some plays - especially Walt, who actually dove to catch the winning pass (more people were happy that it ended the game, though).

We also did our usual trip to the Toll House after the game.  The field was pretty muddy, so in turn we were pretty muddy - sorry about that, Toll House.  I noticed something, though.  We don't spend nearly as much time there anymore.  In the past, we'd be there for most of the afternoon, evening, and night, but now, it seems we eat our food, drink a little beer (or soda), talk a little bit about the game, and then we go home.  I know that everyone has other responsibilities now, but wouldn't it be great if we could all just spend an afternoon-night there again like old times?

Of course, Styk's surprise 30th birthday party/prom night for his wife Diane more than made up for it the next night.  I, of course, decided to go out and get a powder blue tux for the occasion (class with a capital ASS).  Sue went out and found a great dress, and hammed it up for the party too.  Bobby went all out for this shin-dig.  First, he rented a hall at the Double-tree Hotel.  Then, he rented a d.j. that played purely 80's music.  He also went out and got some great food, and an open bar (yikes!).  Finally, he got a photographer for "prom" pictures.  Styk, I got two words for the time I had - Nice!  Unfortunately, I drank a few too many rum and cokes, so if I pissed anyone off (which I usually do when I'm drunk), I apologize.  I knew that I made two people cry that night, and I probably took a few jokes too far (I apologize Nick and Kristy!), but I wouldn't be Karl (or Los, for you Interboro buds).

Now, we have Christmas and New Years to look forward to.  Unfortunately, I don't work at Penn State anymore, so I won't be getting all of that vacation time over the holidays like I used to - I'll miss that a lot.  We already have the next 4 weekends pretty much booked - Christmas party at Kurt and Trish's this Saturday (always the best party - love the secret Santa game), Debbie Blanton's party next weekend (we had an absolute blast there last year), and Lisa's party the following weekend (this tradition is picking up some serious steam).  Finally, Sue and I are having a New Year's eve party, so if any of you are interested in coming, e-mail me at losrulz2002@yahoo.com

Happy Holidays, all!


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