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March 17, 2003

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all, and Happy Birthday to Ray-Ray and O'Neill!  Thank you all for your interest in getting a new "Los's website" put up, as it has been probably over a month since I last did anything on the old site.  The reason is that Geocities decided to no longer allow FrontPage-based web pages to be uploaded onto their website.  Hence, I was no longer able to update my website.  I switched to Tripod, and hopefully they will continue to allow me to use FrontPage on their website (Styk says they still do).

Anyway, a lot has happened since the last time I posted.  First of all, Sue and I make settlement on our house on March 28.  Yes, we finally got everything squared away with the house in Folsom, and we are very excited about it.  Of course, there is a lot of work that needs to be done on the house, and we would really like the help of our friends with it (we'll supply the pizza and beer!).  We envision a really cool house, complete with a lounge-like basement, and horse-shoe pits (on the outside).  Oh, and we'll have cool stuff in the rest of the house, too.

Secondly, March 21 is my last day at Penn State Delaware County.  After nearly 5 years of working at the campus, I have put in my resignation.  Nothing against Penn State, I had a great time there.  As many of you remember, I received my Master's degree in Instructional Design last Spring.  Well, I kept in touch with some friends I had made in class, and in December, one of them asked me to give her my resume.  She passed it along, and before you know it, I had an interview with Lockheed Martin.  Another friend asked me to pass along my resume, and again, I had another interview, this time with PMI.  Both interviews went well, and I received two job offers.  I decided to turn both down, as the money wasn't quite what I was hoping for.  Lockheed Martin came back with a counter-offer, and it was one I couldn't refuse.

It'll be hard leaving Penn State.  It has been, by far, the greatest working experience I have ever had.  The people in my department were great to work with, and the atmosphere was usually very light, which was nice.  The flexibility I had with my job was great too, but I found that I was working increasingly more hours on projects that somehow got onto my plate.  That would've been a difficult situation, considering that I will need to spend quite a bit of time with the house, and planning for a wedding.

So, to recap, in 2003, I will be getting married, moving into a new house, and starting a new job.  It shouldn't be too stressful.  I guess I'll be totally bald by the time I get married in November.