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Observation 3.1.10

June 28, 2003

On Saturday, a modern milestone will occur.  As most of you know, Karl Grieb has been living with his parents for over 31 years (except for the 4 year college experience that he delved into back in the early 1990's).  The long journey of .... er, staying at home so long started back on warm summer day in June, 1972, as the young German was whisked out of that Chester-area hospital by his Deutsche-accent-speaking parents, to the lovely 509 Harrison Avenue Cape-Cod-style house.  

Grieb remained there through the good and bad -through all of the German festivals in which he was required to wear those painful lederhosen, so that his parents' friends good comment on the handsome minature German Shoe-platler. All of those wonderful times in a mall or restaurant where Grieb's parents would insist on speaking German, even though they were living in the United States. Or the German Polka music playing every Saturday morning and afternoon, and the eggs and bacon that made his stomach feel like a fire-works display on the 4th of July 

But Karl will miss the place that he has called home for so long, a place where he always was part of a loving family. A place where his mother always packed his lunch for work (even though he never ate it half the time), or where his dad would always find a way to fix either his hockey net or his Atari joystick. A place where his mom would always have a hot meal on the table, and all of his clothes nicely washed and ironed (and, in the case of Kindergarten and first grade, the knees of his pants sowed).  

There were many trying times that made Grieb a better person, and strengthened the family bond - such as how his parents still loved him even though he was a pain in the butt in high school, or how the family pulled together after the death of Karl's older brother.  But things have a way of working out and happening for a reason, and Grieb chose to become a better person through all of this.

Grieb's friends will probably be at a loss when they stop by 509 and realize he no longer lives there.  Grieb will most surely stop by the house often in order to consume Inga's "unique" cooking on a weekly basis, probably because he will never, ever want to let go of the "House Built of Memories."  

Don't worry, Grieb isn't moving very far. In fact, he'll be living up the street in Milmont Park, right near Durty Nelly's.  Sue, his fiancee, will also be there.  No word yet on if she will be taking over many of the tasks that Inga was in charge of. 

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