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Number 2


901. "What nationality is that flag?" Karl, 2/27/07

902. "It's so cold, it's like the fat person's Nirvana." Brent - February, 2007

903. "I was relaxed as a feather." Johnnay, 3/14/07

904. "We got three white boys who want some pizza … how do we do that?" Matt talking on the taxi drivers's CB. 6-16-07 " 

905. "Chef Boyardee … what is?" Matt still talking on the CB - 6-16-07 " 

906. "Dude, you don't even know how much I cared about Rachel." "Yeah, so much, that you were willing to share her with everybody." Matt and Karl 6-15-07 " 

907. "Hey Big Oren, where's the chicken?" Matt asking a stranger on the street where he could find some food at 2:00 in the morning.

908. "I wonder what the cock life is on a jar of vaseline ..." Andy, 2-5-08

909. "You know what's funny about butts?" "You have a clown's face painted on yours?" Kimmy and Brandon, 3-15-08

910. "Did you buy that outfit or rent it?" "Actually, she beat up a leprechaun for it." Kimmy and Kurt, 3-15-08

911. "I want to bang her mouth until the back of her head bleeds!" Anonymous

912. " My wife grew up in the city ... she's white." Matt 2-7-09

913. "You don't look as bad as Dean." Matt - 2-7-09

914. " What's your second favorite Vodka?" "A smaller bottle of Grey Goose." Karl and Matt - 2-7-09

915. "With a nose like that, you should be sniffing luggage down at the airport." Ray - 2-14-09

916. You know why you're so short? Because God hates you! Brandon - 3-29-09

917. "I'm usually tired on Mondays that follow weekends." - Karl - 5-18-09

918. "It's like a bear dressed in a lamb-suit!" Sue - 8-9-09

919. "If I'm contemplaced, I take a laxative!" Michelle (Ryk's sister). 

920. “Art is more than pixilated asses.” Ryk - 1-14-10

921. "Being sick is no fun, being dead is even worse."  – Will

922. "It was working fine until we fixed it." – Will

923. "I excel at stupid." – Will

924. "You don’t give a dog cigars!!!  But beer is fine."  – Rick

925. "Air is for the weak."  – Rick

926. "I’ll have clean cancer hands!" – Matt K.

927. "Can’t stand this silly hear of fights!   Er… fear of heights!" – Rick

928. "Apathy? Eh, what’s the point."  – Rick

929. "Ken is like a bucket, he’s a container that holds beer."  – Rick

930. "This whole integrity thing…  you have to let it go."  – Rick

940. "If clams had assholes, that's what that girls p***y would smell like." Brandon - 6-12-2010.

941. "I bet you a shot of Jager that the song Gasoline is not on that Love Seed album!" Kurt betting Pete, the guitarist of Love Seed, that a song his band does is not on his band's album. June 12, 2010

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