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Number 2


601.  "I used to watch my parents fill the air conditioner with gasoline."  Karl 9/07/02

602.  "I finally got my hands on Erwin's tomatoes."  Sue 

603. "You have to check out this new band. They are Welch." Matt 10/02/02

604.  "Have you seen Power Plant Live yet?"  "No, I hear it is pretty cool." "You won't believe it. You'll fall over your fucking legs."  Matt, Brandon, Matt 10/02/02

605. "What is that song that the Stones sang with Dave Matthews, "Heartbreak Hotel?" Matt 10/02/02

609.  "I saw people putting down $100 playing Jack Black."  Inga 10/5/02

610.  "Is Styk having a next year?" Sue 10/12/02

611.  "You can put a ten-gallon hat on anybody and they would look like every cowboy." Lisa 10/12/02

612.  "Karl, have you tried that Citrinella drink?"  Craig 10/12/02

613.  "I have to stretch my leaves...I mean, knees."  Lisa 10/12/02

614.  "Karl, I should bring my dog Hexy to your wedding."  "Yeah, she can be the pall bearer....I mean ring bearer."  Styk and Karl 10/13/02

615.  "A gush of wind." Kathy 10/25/02

616.  "I have more moves than Ex-lax."  Jerry from the Toll-House 10/25/02

617.  "When I drink warm, I get winer."  Sue 10/26/02

618.  "I can't wait to eat breakfast at Bob Denver's....I mean, Bob Evans!"  Karl 10/26/02

619. "I think that person overdeuced." Lisa 11/01/02

620.  "I hope he beats that karate jujitsu magufu!" Lisa 11/07/02

621.  "I looked like two swans on pogo sticks."  Lisa 11/9/02

622.  "I fell and my feet hit the ceiling."  Lisa 11/9/02

623.  "She left the play at half-time." Deb 11/18/02

624.  "Polish? I didn't know it was a language, I thought they only had accents." Kathy 11/18/02

625.  "That girl is a looney-tuna."  Mark 11/17/02

626. "I won't answer that question on the grounds that it may intimidate me....I mean, incriminate me." Debba 11/21/02

627.  "What's that guy's name again?"  "I think it's Chuck."  "No, you are way off!  It's Charlie."  Kathy and Karl 11/22/02

628.  "Ron knows his some!"  Kathy 11/25/02

629.  "It was tough to play football because the floor was muddy." Karl 11/29/02

630.  "Who was that cult leader on that island, Chim-Chimmity?"  Deb 12/6/02

631.  "You aren't wearing your new shirt, Karl!" "That's because I haven't gotten it yet!" Kathy and Karl 12/06/02

632.  "I'd rather watch those momentos commercials." Mark 12/5/02

633.  "I'm Mister Heat Meister..." Sue 12/13/02

634.  "Somebody throw that toenail out of here!"  Lisa 12/21/02 

635.  "For my new year's resolution, I'm going to stop dropping the 'ing's' on my words and I'm also going to stop complianin'."  Denise 1/7/03

636.  "It's kind of like Tom Finn or Huck Sawyer." Jeff Nicholas 1/7/03

637.  "Karl, when did you start working here?"   "July 6."   "Was that near July 4 at the time?"  Kathy and Karl 1/8/03

638.  "What is the name of the mistress of ceremonies?" Debba 1/30/03

639.  "What's that musical that was based in Hawaii called, Oklahoma?" "You mean, South Pacific?" Kathy and Debbie 1/29/03

640.  "They use Frozen ice." Karl  1/31/03

641.  "Have you ever tried Irish Tequila?"  Mark 3/16/03

642. "It would be like a run-by shooting." Mark 3/28/03 

643.. "Did you put the baby in the trash...er, bed?" Styk 3/29/03

644. "Did I get software with this salad....er, utensils?"  Kathy 5/1/03

645.  "What is that thing bulging out of his pocket?"  Denise 5/1/03

646.  "I'll have the black chocolate ice cream."  Karl 5/11/03

647.  "There is more than one way to slice a cat."  Emilia 5/27/03

648.  "Tomorrow will be the 903rd time I will have seen the beer delivery person."  5/24/03

649. "Black-hobo-gay-hobo."  Lisa 5/23/03

650.  "If you mixed Larry Brown, Mr. Roper, and the warden from Shawshank Redemption, you would get Mr.Wardroperpoper."  Lisa, 5/31/03

651.  "We could have a super robot team!"  Christine 6/8/03

652.  "We have noses like hawks!"  Cliff 6/12/03

653.  "You just don't do that to a Ninja."  Karl 6/16/03

654.  "Hey, you are going bald."  "I can control my baldness about as much as I can control your weight problem."  Bar chick and Davers 6/20/03

655."Nothing lasts forever, so I hope that your marriage lasts longer than nothing" Dave-Dog 6/20/03

656. "You've introduced yourself to him 4 times already."  "I just wanted to make a good impression."  Lisa and Davd-Dog 6/20/03

657. "You're getting married on November 8?  That sounds like that Guns and Roses song, 'Knock-knock-knockin' on Davie's door."  Dave-Dog  6/20/03

658.  "I don't mind repainting.  I'm such a slut.... I mean klutz."  Sue 6/19/03

659.  "It's a world-wide event."  "What's that, 'Hands Across America?" Ryk and Fran 6/24/03

660.  "What's that movie starring John Belushi?"  "Monkey House?"  Brandon and Christine 6/20/03

661.  "It would be different if the hand was on the other foot."  Mark 6/23/03

662. "Bosum Buddies was a great movie." Karl 6/23/03

663. "I know where the Pacific Northwest is - Japan!", Cliff 7/16/03

664. "It's like Two Weeks Notice with Hugh Grant and Sandra Day O'Connor." Lisa 7/15/03

665. "We just crossed the Mason-Dicken Line." Christine 7/12/03

666. "You have rodeo duty." Christine instructing Brandon that he is in charge of the radio while she drove 7/12/03

667. "I am going to have a big breakfast and a hoagie for lunch." Christine 7/10/03

668. "They'll rip your legs off and hit you with your hands."  Cliff 7/8/03

669. "Manilow. That's for the laymaners."  Karl 7/5/03

670 "Before I met Karl, I was pretty loney." Sue 7/5/03

671. "You're not a real man unless you've had balls in your mouth." Cliff 7/3/03

672. "You know what today is?" "The day after tomorrow?" Karl and Ryk 7/3/03

673. "Karl is everyone's bitch." Fran 7/2/03

674. "Wait. What is that? The Disney Chicken?" Christine asking about Foghorn Leghorn 7/1/03

675. "Mung."  Matt describing where to put the trash 7/12/03

676. "Do you have bad luck when you walk under an elevator?" Cliff 7/18/03

677. "Oh my god, how much do I wish this lid was squeezy cheese?"  Sue 7/18/03

678. "I'm very perspective!" Jen Dina 7/22/03

679. "Are you going to connect me or not, because if not, we really don't have anything else to talk about. Lisa 7-29-03 

680. "I love this apartment... Err song. Sue 7-29-03 

681. "Every TV gets their own table?!?! Lisa  7/29/03

682. "All the temperatures are in funny Cs!" Lisa 7/29/03

683. " He's the man! He's the man! He's the man! Wait, I don't know who the man is anymore..."  random drunk MSU 19 year old at Hoops 7/29/03

684. " Look at those big ski ramps! Lisa 7/31/03 

685. "Go flyers!"- random guy remarking on Karl's Flyers shirt "Thanks!" Karl 7/31/03

686. ''I'm a court gesture" Karl 7/29/03

689.  "Those are not plastic-adhesive thoughts."  Lisa 8-2-03

690. " 24, 28, 26..... wait, what is today's date?" Ryk 8/4/03

691. "We can't play in the rain, because the backstop melts."  Cliff 8/4/03

692. "The dog shines on my ass all of the time!" Cliff 8/4/03

693. "It really hurts here, because I have no feeling."  Cliff 8/7/03

694.  "He's not taller than his tallness."  Ryk 8/18/03

695. "The sky is coming out."  "Yeah, it looks like it is."  Arty and Mark 8/16/03

696.  "It's not so nice when you are not the holder of the ball."  Cliff 8/27/03

697. "Who's the engineer here?"  Fran "Who's the idiot here? Wait, that's me." Karl 9/11/03

698. "Donuts didn't start for me here.  I had donuts way before I started here!"  Ryk 9/15/03

699.  "Mick Foley was involved with backdoor wrestling?"  Cliff 9/15/03


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