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Number 2


701. "It's 60 degrees, I checked the thermonster."  Sue 10/20/03

702. "Did you close early last night?" Sue asking Karl if he fell asleep early.  10/21/03

703. "Hey Ryk, where can I buy aqua shoes?"  "If worse came to worse, you could buy white shoes and dye them." Karl and Ryk 11/3/03

704. "Karl, your hands are so soft and smooth." "That's because I used to be a bank teller."  Steve and Karl 11/06/03

705. "So, what else do you do besides look hot?"  Davers 11/8/03

706. "If I ordered a daquiri back up in Boston, I'd beat myself up." Matt (from Boston) 11/13/03

707. "Screw heart!  I got ass!" Cliff (about his first conquest, and the lack of emotions that went with it) 11/17/03

708. "Yeah, he's married with a wife."  Mark 11/28/03

709. "Let's go drink some liquid water at the Toll House." Styk 11/29/03

710. "If you are being boring, you are a "bore-ass."  Christine 12/7/03

711. "I'm updating my computer area...I have my headless phone over here..."  - Mark 12/17/03

712. "I never throw up from puking." Cliff 12/17/03

713. "Next thing you know, there'll be blatant nudity on the railroad." Cliff 12/17/03

714. "Look man, I don't own any band shirts......except the one I'm wearing." Ryk 12/16/03

715. "Ah yes, nothing spells wedding like Rickshaw."  Karl 12/20/03

716. "I have more Hot Roast Beef in the Freezer".  Styk's Mother-in-law 12/24/03

717." The first Bond movie I ever saw in the theatres was Octopussy...I thought there'd be a scene....I thought they'd show eight of them."  Karl 1/7/04

718. "You guys make food taste good."  Cliff 1/8/04

719. "What's Mean Joe Greene's real name?" Cliff 1/9/04

720. "We'll have time to turk the cookie." Sue  1/19/04

721.  "I done net sended it to him."   Ryk 1/30/04

722.  "This is Karl's husband Sue." Janett 1/31/04

723. "Didn't you like that jacket....uh, I mean joke."  Sue 1/31/04

724. "His nostrils are so big, that he would break his foot if a booger came outta there." Ray 2/1/04

725. "It's no 'P' Tuesday.....except for it's Monday." - Karl 2/2/04

726. "Where did these wings come from?" "Chickens." Steve and Karl 2/1/04

727. "Why is it called the Tation Tavern?"  Sue 2/7/04 not seeing the S in the first word on the sign.

728. "Please God, don't make me thin, just give me earwax instead!" Matt 2/7/04

729. "I have a bad case of depth perception."  Ryk 2/13/04

730. "That's in the beheye (pronounced buh-hi) of the older." Ryk 2/17/04

731. "He's not gonna be the 300-400 carry-a-guy year." Styk 2/21/04

732. "Sympathy is what killed the cat."  Ryk 2-24-04

733. "That white top and navy pants are so cute together, it's that Norwegian look."  "You mean nautical?" Kathy, Debba, and Denise - 3/1/04

734. "The number 4, or the letter 4?"  Karl 3/4/04

735. "Your growmatter is wrong." Ryk 3/4/04

736. "I'll ruin your world with my face."  Christine 3/6/04

737. "Naked is O.K" Karl 3/10/04

738. "Did you use a blade or a razor?" 3/15/04

739. "I watch wrestling."  "Irish wrestling?"  Karl and Emilia 3/19/04

740. "Dude, I'm not going to launch a missile at your house!"  Ryk 3/23/04

741. "You are the sharpest drawer in the kitchen."  Karl 3/24/04

742. "I don't have any money, so I need to go out.......and get money." Ryk 

743. ""I didn't always not have HBO."  Ryk 4/20/04

744. "Did that jacket come with that breast....I mean Dress?"  Ange 5/3/04images

745. "Oh, you're going to see the statue of David!. Isn't he geographically correct?." Kathy 5/13/04

746. "I just want to light them on fire." Ryk 5/4/04

747. "Lever Net go of the fun-ness." Ryk 5/27/04

748. "I wouldn't be the same if I was different" - Karl, 6/1/04

749. "If you are going to quote my stupidity, quote me right!" - Ryk 6/1/04

750. "No messy with my car." - Ryk 6/1/04

751. "I would've kicked my little ass if I was a teacher." Rob 6/21/04

752. " I like Big Balls....wait, I don't like Big Balls, but I like the 
song."  Karl 6/21/04

753. "When we go to the ocean beach..." Karl 6/12/04

754. "I earned the money shoveling lawns." Karl 6/12/04

755. "Their mouths are that big...they don't need teeth brush." Ryk 06/24/04

756. "My E's and L's look eerily familiar.... or similar." Ryk 6/24/04

757. "You know, the basketball courts with the chain walls around them." "You mean, fences? Ryk and Karl 6/29/04

758. "I didn't get that....until I got it." Ryk 7/1/04

759. ""Drew's responses to anything, 'Refrigerate after opening,' they are all 
canned." Styk 6/30/04

760. "I don't like carnivals. You know why? Because I hate people, that's 
why!" anonymous 

761. "I won't be eating any popsicle sticks anymore." Karl 7/15/04

762. "He's got his own ecosystem on the side of his neck." Karl 7/16/04

763. "That wasn't out of stupidty for me that time...it was out of ignorance." Ryk 7/22/04

764. "There is no luck...there is only hate."  Ryk 7/22/04

765. "It's fun to work with the inept."  Ryk 7/22/04

766. "What is that disease called when you bleed from the inside out?" Ryk 8/6/04

767. "Hey dad, here's a gallon of protein."  Karl 8/7/04

768. "It's twelve-o'clot."  Lisa 8/12/04

769. "I always sniffed my dittos."  Lisa 8/18/04

770. "Church Himey - You go to church once in a while, or often...and you're Jewish... You don't hear it often, because there aren't many of them."  Lisa 8/10/04

771. "Oh my God, I think the neighborhood farted."  Lisa 8/8/04

772. "I have an itch on my soldier blades."  Karl 8/10/04

773. "I'm a big proposer of seat belts." Sue 8/8/04

774. "It was so bad that I said to Sue, 'There's no breeze on the beach." Lisa 8/9/04

775. "Your garlic is still in the chair."  Lisa 8/9/04

776. "You'll be catapulted over there." "As long as I'm not dogapulted."  Lisa and Karl 8/9/04

777. "Sue, can you drink a paper towel?" Lisa 8/10/04

778. "It was a baxta.....I mean accident." Lisa 8/9/04

779. "Smokey and the Bear." Karl 8/11/04

780. "That was a bassil....I mean bad sentence." Lisa 8/10/04

781. "You're scary. When I say scary, I don't mean the bad parts of scary." 
Karl 8/30/04

782. "Those Seakers spuck." Ryk 9/14/04

783. "I'm going for my second master's degree....dude." Karl 9/12/04

784. "He is a nightcase...er, nutcase." - ryk 10/11/04

785. "There is nothing worse for a QB than throwing an interception and then getting dick-slapped on the return!" -  Smokin' Steve 9/27/04 

786. regarding using waders - "Protect yourself against leeches and 
eels....and other sharp, pointy things." Ryk. 10/25/04

787. "Looks like your egg caught one of my retard sperm." Karl 10-27-04

788. "You make the bed, I gotta puke."  Colleen 11/?/04

789. "....because the republicans are building gay landing strips for 
Martians."   Ryk 11-10-04

790. "I'm a late bird...I catch no worm."  Styk 11/12/04

793. "What are they doing, slaughtering the cows for his sandwich?  Um, Ryk, we are in Chick Fil-A....they don't serve beef." Ryk and Karl 11/16/04

794. "Speed kills.....but fat smothers."  Karl 11/26/04

795. “My ears are ringing! Can you hear them?” Donna 11/25/04

796. "The waters have been planted."  Ryk 12/1/04

797. "Crack, snapple, pop." "...... You mean, snap, crackle pop?"  Ryk and Karl 12-10-04

798. "I can't do two things at twice!"  Ryk 12/20/04

799. ""Did that bartender put on make-up......or did she fall into a pie?" 
Karl 12/23/04


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