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Number 2


500.  "I have clout at this bar!" "You got the clap at this bar?" "Not yet, but I hope to get it tonight." Karl and Steve 1/6/02

501.  "Debbie, you look like Little Red Robin Hood!"  Kathy 1/7/02

502.  "If you lose weight, it'll make your teeth look big."  Kathy 1/16/02

503.  "He died posthummusly."  Kathy 1/17/02

504.  "Fonzie married her, and she had a wife."  Sue 1/18/02

505.  "Since I'm not allowed to drink here, I'm just gonna take off my clothes."  Kevin 1/19/02

506.  "That's when I got rid of my smart teeth."  Sue 1/21/02

507.  "What are you, Pocahantis looking for an airplane?" Denise 1/22/02

508.  "Are they twins?" "No, one is older than the other." Karl and Sheri " 2/2/02

509.  "I have to get my yearly annual." Sue 2/2/02

510.  "Is Fat Tuesday next Wednesday?" Danielle 2/1/02

511.  "This hockey rink is so crowded, it's like a rain forest."  Rich 2/2/02

512.  "Well, Joe, when it's not good, it's not good." Deb 2/5/02

513.  "I'm so tired, I can't keep my head open."  Sue 2/10/02

514.  "Get on the grass, you flat-footed freak!"  Deb 

515.  "Buster Grimes, isn't he a rap star?"  Denise 2/15/02

516.  "Are you gonna add the article hearts...I mean artichoke hearts?"  Karl 2/14/02

517.  "I miss being without you!"  Sue 2/17/02

518.  "I'd rather watch it on T.V.  I like to hear the commentation."  Mark 2/17/02

519.  "Deb has an entourage of coats."  Kathy 2/22/02

520.  "Karl, you do still have a mailbox, don't you?"  "Nah, just throw the tickets on my front lawn, I'll find them."  Styk and Karl 2/22/02

521.  "I'll be done as soon as Karl starts crapping." Kathy McCullough. 2/21/02

522.  "I don't think I like the Atkinson's Diet."  Mark 3/2/02

523.  "I got married tomorrow." Kathy 3/15/02

524.   "I need to get the closet for the keys." Luanne 3/15/02

525.  "Aces to us!" Danielle 3/17/02 

526. "Look who's talkin', Mr. Knuckle Nuts!" Styk 3/17/02

527.  "This is a toilet of wood."  Lisa 3/23/02

528.  "I'd rather be strapped under a bus wire."  Lisa 3/23/02

529.  "I used to play the cigar."  Sue 3/23/02

530.  "I was comma-tose."  Sue 3/23/02

531.  "Just watch her play the electric bloom."  Karl 3/23/02

532.  "Hey, do you wanna see my semi-colon."  Lisa 3/23/02

533.  "Your pans have way too many rules."  Sue 3/23/02

534.  "I shit-shined it."  Karl 3/23/02

535.  "I normally don't like meat with my sausage."  Elaine 3/23/02

536.  "Would you like some potato chips for your taco salad?"  Lisa 3/23/02

537.  "Use your feet whenever you can, that's my motto."  Debbie 3/26/02

538.  "Denise is all that...and a bag of beans!"  Kathy 3/26/02

539.  "That will voil ebentually." Karl 4/3/02

540.  "That is too many stuff." Sue 4/3/02

541.  "What band is that, the Squammies?" Lisa 4/6/02

542.  "It's a droppy sponge." Lisa  4/6/02

543.  "It's time to have another Grieb party!" "Did you say Greek party?" "Yeah, I think he did say Green party." Karl, Brandon, and Sue 4/5/02

544. "Sue, don't use your teeth." "My mom still has her full set of choppers!" Brandon and Sue 4/5/02

545.  "I'm not very good at surprise etiquette." Rich Brown 4/12/02

546.  "Sunburn dreams and caviar wishes." Deb 4/18/02 

547.  "John is like social tofu." Mike Kersnick 4/17/02

548.  "A beef and beer means Beef.....and....beer."  Styk 4/26/02

549.  "He's looking a little thin in the gills."  Kathy 4/26/02

550.  "I got a pimple the size of a golf ball on my face." "That's because it's on your face." Deb and Kathy 4/23/02

551.  "I'm Karl's cousin's wife."  Kurt Neff 4/26/02

552.  "You can't have a champion with the belt." Styk 4/29/02

553.  "You do better if auctions are loud as opposed to silent."  Deb 4/30/02

554.  "Don't you think the Social Security guys would be up front, and the president in the back?"  Deb 5/1/02

555.  "This beer is just not getting warm in the fridge."  Sue 5/3/02

556.  "Didn't one of the Vanillis die?"  Lisa 5/3/02

557.  "Bob Denver was a key witness in the rock music lawsuit."  Karl 5/3/02

558.  "Natacha!"  Lisa 5/3/02

559.  "It's Don Ho.....I mean, Don King!"   Lisa 5/3/02

560.  "That's when Sue was in the beer."  Lisa 5/5/02

561.  "I'm so busy, I don't even have time to masturbate.....I'm just kidding......I have plenty of time to masturbate."  Karl

562.  "You mean they are going to put in an elevator for a handicapped elevator?" Debbie 5/23/02 (confused about the fact that they are putting an elevator in Lucy the Elephant in Margate).

563.  "I know when I have liquid alcohol poisoning!"  Christine 6/2/02

564.  "I know when I'm vomitating from alcohol!"  Christine 6/2/02

565.  "Can I have the tampon, um, I mean the tambourine?"  Christine 6/1/02

566.  "I want the vodka with the lemon fritters?'  Sue 6/1/02

567.  "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name." "I don't believe she was throwing it." Crazy lady and Sue 6/7/02

568.  "Brandon, you had those 21 year-old garlic girls.!"  Karl 6/19/02

570.  "I love wearing my bare feet!"  Sue 6/20/02

571.  "You should see my couch kitchen."  Lisa 7/4/02

572. " I'll see you at the whore-shore."   Christine 7/4/02

573.  "I'll be 2-pac Sue Kane, and you can be Sue-Pac Six-Pack."

574.  "My arm has an arm of its own."  Drew 7/3/02

575.  "Hey there, poodle bird!"  Karl 7/4/02

576.  "Mark, you probably only snore in your sleep."  Sue 7/4/02

577.  "The Adirondacks - Who would be crazy enough to live there, people who want to be comfortable?"  Sue 7/5/02

578.  "I'll get there before midnight, or else my pumpkin will turn into a shoe."  Karl 7/6/02

579.  "Harold Ramis was really cute in Stripes."  "And Ghostbusters too."  Lisa and Karl 7/5/02

580.  "The sofa on the porch is nice." Sue talking about the bench 6/23/02

581.  "If you get water on her, the Mermaid Turns into a mermaid."  7/11/02

582.  "The butcher, the baker, the meat hook man."  Sue 7/12/02

583.  "Yahtzee makes crapping more negotiable."  Karl 7/12/02

584.  "I came at hello."  Sue 7/12/02

585.  "That guy drank some bad weed."  Rich 7/15/02

586.  "I had a cousin named Bree who died in a car accident."  "Really? Is she ok?"  Brandon and Christine 7/14/02

587.  "I have cry marks."  Karl 7/30/02

588.  "Thank you for my day."  Sue 7/31/02

589.  "Julia Child is 90 years old....she's on display at the Smithsonian."  Kathy, 8/20/02

590.  "How the fuck does a lake flood?"  "Rakes can flood."  Styk and Karl 8/23/02

591. "I'm aging myself. "Kathy 8/27/02 

592. "It makes the liquor dicker." Doug 8/24/02 

593. "I cannot responsible for that." Lisa 8/24/02

594.  "The teeth I went to the dentist for!"  Anita 9/1/02

595.  "He has a Herman Simpson bowling shirt on!" Lisa 9/11/02

596.  "Is the French Connection still going on?"  Christine 9/21/02

597.  " A tea and jam that goes with bread."  Sue 9/07/02

598. "Too much Wawa, and not enough vulture."  Lisa 9/07/02

599.  "Your pendulum of vulturedom has gone too far."  Lisa 9/07/02

600.  "We need an under-hidden camera."  Sue 9/07/02

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