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Number 2


400.  "Balls have fish?"  Sue 3/18/01

     401.  "Are they disposable kegs?"  Danielle 3/18/01

     402.  "Milks and crannies."  Karl 3/19/01

     403.  "Guy Hebert won't be coming back because he has a grain stroin."  Jim Jackson 3/17/01 

     404.  "We'll keep that in the front mirror."  Styk 3/20/01

     405.  "Well, then the snow is gonna dry up and it will be wet again."  Tim K.  3/21/01

     406.  "If you had balls, you'd be my mother."  Sue 3/22/01

     407.  "Could you please give me a moment for a second."  Angela 3/25/01

     408.  "Take a short walk off of a long pier."  Deb Blanton 3/29/01

     409.  " Let's start a new leaf."  Deb Blanton 3/29/01

     410.  "I say let the cops use their night clubs!"  Sue 3/30/01

     411.  "I like the mustard at the hot dog games."  Karl 4/1/01

    412.  "I was staring at my clock in the bar all night long."  Sue 4/4/01

    413.  "She stayed at a four-tar hotel."  Sue 4/4/01

    414.  "Could you get me the regular cordless phone?"  Danielle 4/4/01

    415.  "You can do whatever I want."  Sue 4/8/01

    416.  "It's all a big clam bake.....I mean crap shoot."  Debbie Blanton, 4/10/01

    417.  "Crab cake......crab bake.....I mean, clam bake!"  Karl 4/10/01

    418.  "Sue, you have a motorcycle belt around your chain."  Brandon 4/12/01

    419.  "The 7-11's are closed because they were all getting rubbed."  Matt 4/13/01

    420.  I'll have the Chorn Crowder."  Matt 4/13/01

    421.  "I want to have my engagement recognition there."  Matt 4/13/01

    422.  "you smelled it, you dealt it.......you found it you........er.... uhhh."  Kurt Neff 4/15/01

    423.  "I work a block and a half away from where I work."  Sue

    424.  "We went to the blackthorn black and beer."  Karl 

     425.  "They got pregnant before she was born."  anonymous

    426.  "The high school shows in high school."  Karl

    427.  "I'm a scrid." Kristy

    428.  "You know, laying out by the sun."  Kristy

    429.  "I can't drug cheer."  Kristy

    430.  "I gotta get a mac machine." Karl 

    431.  "Let's take the SC - That's a short cut for shortcut."  Sue 

    432.  "Jinx - buy me a latte."  Karl.

   433.  "Sounds like a streetless person....I mean homeless."  Nick

   434.  "Did she get a runner?" "No, she rented a U-Haul." Karl and Sue's mom  5/6/01

   435.  "What's the deal with that bike driver?" Sue  5/6/01

  436.  "Cheese, the fat man's candy." Kevin 

  437. "You have frizzy, curly, where the hell did it come from hair."  Kevin

  438.  "The stwippers wemind me of coffee" - Johnnay

  439.  "Yes, I remember the massive box turtle rush of the early 80's." Schoenman 5/10/01

  440.  "I reached my waterloo around midnight."  Styk 5/14/01

  441.  "Over there next to the green tree."  Tommy 5/12/01

  442.  "Where's your ball?"   "Over there in the grass."  Styk and Tommy 5/12/01

  443.  "I'll have the chilled gricken."  Sue 5/19/01

  444.  "Look at the blue clouds."  Karl 5/19/01

  445.  "Limousine flyin'."  Karl 5/19/01

  446.  "Walking down the aisle in a wheelchair."  Kristy 5/19/01

  447.  "Objects in focus are farther than they seem."  Nick 5/19/01

  448.  "I don't need the lotrimin."  Nick 5/19/01

  449.  "She has more complexes than a multi-vitamin."  Styk 5/19/01

  450.  "Bobby, you are a father to somebody!"  Diane 5/19/01

  451.  "Normal girls look at me funny."  Kevin 6/4/01

  452.  "Brandon, you've dated before, haven't you?"  Sue 6/29/01

  453.  "I have some kind of weird wood force."  Christine 7/7/01

  454.  "Spit-n-spin."  Christine 7/7/01

  455.  "You have to pick up what you eat."  Sue 7/13/01

  456.  "You can't bring beach to the beer!"  Sue 7/13/01

  457.  "I don't know whether to go to the concession stand or flag down the stewardess."  Sue at the baseball game (high seats) 7/15/01

  458.  "I put some miserable ice on.....I mean mineral ice."  Sue, 7/17/01

  459.  "I'm going to update my internet."  Karl 7/18/01

 460.  "Karl, you spray-painted my bed....uh, I mean made my bed."  Sue 8/4/01

 461.  "Karl, I never heard you so quiet!"  Sue 8/5/01

 462.  "Sue, get up!  It's 1:30!  Oh, wait, my watch is upside-down, it's 8:00."  Karl 85/01

463.  "Why do they have the Octoberfest in September?  To celebrate the crop of beer!"  Denise 8/15/01

464. "I don't know, you're his husband." Karl talking to Trish 8/13/01

465.  "Whoops, I knocked over the refrigerator, I mean vacuum." Christine 8/11/01

466.  "These shoes are especially made for feet." Deb Blanton 8/22/01

467.  "I remember my first 21st birthday."  Danielle 8/25/01

468.  "The beer had pier."  Sue 8/27/01

469.  "She's like a camel, she never forgets."  Leanne

470.  "I hit my head on my head."  Sue

471.  "I want to got to the across the bar, bar."  Sue

472.  "Drintling -  a stain left around a toilet because of an insufficient flush."  Brian.

473.  :I can't wait to watch the Eagles vs. the Raisons." Lisa  9/7/01

474.  ""What does the AFC stand for, the American Football Congress?" Sue 9/9/01

475.  "I want a 14 inch U-Haul." Danielle " 9/7/01

476.  "Call Comcast to see if their cable installer is soon." Ange 9/9/01

477.  "This place smells like a bad penny."  Lisa 9/11/01

478.  "We had a house around the beach."  Brian 9/12/01

479.  "Stop spitting ice at me like a bon-fire! Styk  9/24/01

480.  "Where are the Dogs At!" Mark 9/23/01

481.  "We need beef-balls." Sue 9/23/01

482.  "Turds don't have steering wheels, and You can't drive a turd."  Sue 9/30/01

483.  "I'm sorry, i'm sorry, you have a stuffy nose. bum bum bum bum,  I'm sorry, i'm sorry, you have a stuufffffyyyyyyy nose. Here's a tissue, here's a tissue oy oy oy, Here's a tissue, here's a tissue oy oy oy."  (to the Ein Prosit song - Sue and Karl 9/30/01)

484.  "It's ancient, historical, good stuff."  Denise 10/01/01

485.  "Karl, I'm a changed man, I've found the ways of love." Smokin' 9/30/01

486.  "I made your toilet look like spin art." Karl 10/7/01

487.  "I like the stockings with the hole.   You mean fish net stockings?" Inga and Trish

487.  "He's like Stove Top Stuffing, he's staying."  Styk 10/11/01

488.  "it's bad tv at it's best."  Sue 10/15/01

489.  "My son is going to Clemson this weekend."  "Do you mean, Clemson, New Jersey?"  Denise and Kathy

490.  "The window is on and the candle is open."  Sue 11/6/01

491.  "Do you mean the couch's girlfriend?"  Karl 11/8/01

492.  "Dear Christ, there is no better food on earth than the tater tot."  Matt 11/8/01

492.  "You puked and I had to put you in a keg." Christine 11/12/01

493.  "Your brother is so cute, I just want to put him on my shoulder and burp him." Lisa 11/10/01

494.  "When you throw the monkey in the wrench...."  Bobby 11/21/01

495.  "I didn't know Anthony had a house....er, sister."  Sue, 11/22/01

496.  "You know that Eagles announcer, Merryl Lynch!"  Kathy 12/12/01

497.  "I think you'll be presently surprised with your Christmas gifts."  Sue 12/16/01

498.  ""I would like some orange juice wis the pope." Johnnay 

499. "This is great orange juice. What brand is it?" Johnnay to the manager of Bob Evans (they squeeze their own juice.)

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