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As many of you know, I have a way with stupid jokes. They flow out of my mouth like water over a waterfall (see?). A friend of mine came up with the idea that I should keep track of these stupid jokes ... so, I decided to do so. Enjoy!

1. "What's a serial adaptor?" "Captain Crunch." Brian and Karl 2/1/06

2. "Larry has a court date, because he assaulted nuts." Karl 2/2/06

3. "If you were a dictator of a country, and you had a wife who's name was Ruth and she died, you'd be a 'ruthless dictator.'"

4. When someone mentions a tree:

  • "We'll get to the root of this."
  • "That sounds tree-mendous."
  • "Let's just leave that alone."
  • "I gotta branch out into something else."
  • "Eh, you're barking up the wrong tree."
  •  "You're such a sap."