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Number 2


100. "I have to stop at the Nittany office." Matt 3/18/94

     101. "Whatís the difference between an elephant and Karl?" "The elephant has to sit on a nut and wait for it to turn into an acorn." Jim and Karl 3/17/94

     102. "That was a hook and ladder. Mustíve been a tall fire." 3/19/94

     103. "Maybe they have some spark plugs. You can firecharge your Audi!" Jim 3/25/94

     104. "Do you mean the cleavage bitch with the braces?" Matt 3/25/94

     105. "Are you gonna slap around that Hershey pussy?" Jim 3/25/94

     106. "I can go platinum in about an hour." Matt 3/25/94

     107. "Youíre not my mom!" Dean 3/26/94

     108. "I would never be caught dead in a ghetto!" Jim 3/31/94

     109. "I canít find the elephant of surprise in the periodic charts." 4/11/94

     110. "Is that the Hawaiian national team?" Jim 4/11/94

     111. "Back when Checkeslovakia was still a town." Karl 4/11/94

     112. " Letís hijack the Coors bus!" Karl 4/15/94

     113. "I just want to show you the hole in the joxers." Matt 4/15/94

     114. "Isnít that awesome to see how many gores you can skoal?" Brandon 4/14/94

     115. "Matt slammed the phone door on my face!" Karl 4/15/94

     116. " Iím a heterosapien!" Karl 4/15/94

     117. "Itís not Matt, Itís Matt." Karl 4/15/94

     118. " Itís Raeger on Yoids!" Matt 4/15/94

     119. "I hope there are not a lot of steaks in here!" Karl 4/15/94

     120. "Deanís farts go away, but Mattís stick days." Karl 4/16/94

     121. "Mattís going to eat for the cycle." Brandon 4/14/94

     122. "My eyeballs almost popped outta my eyes!" Jim 4/17/94

     123. "I wouldnít give a squirt of piss rats!" Matt 4/17/94

     124. "Yeah, he filled his mouth up with water and turned the hose on!" Matt 4/16/94

     125. "The mouse is hand!" Matt 4/17/94

     126. "We could get a gallstone storm!" Karl 4/27/94

     127. "The heavens are gonna open up and Godís gonna shoot down!" Matt 4/27/94

     128. "The rains were seating." Matt 4/27/94

     129. "If you see Keith, find him!" Karl 5/1/94

     130. "My week is like exam week without any tests." Keith 5/1/94

     131. "Remember when you threw me in the bedrock? I mean bathtub?" Karl 5/1/94

     132. "We can make Brianís chest stairs hand up!" Matt 5/2/94

     133. "Itís like horseshoes and crabs!" Matt 5/2/94

     134. "I woke up at 6:30 because I heard fire!" Matt 5/3/94

     135. "Look, itís open cement!" Matt 5/3/94

     136. "She had nice boobos, I mean boobies!" Karl 5/3/94

     137. "Letís pour scolding hot water on Matt!" Jim 5/3/94

     138. "You have to wear your feet in the bar." Red Lady 5/3/94

     139. "Matt has an 8íoclock day tomorrow." Karl 5/3/94

     140. "They are sleeping on the coach!" Matt 5/4/94

     141. "If Dean porks Penny, she wonít be kosher anymore." Karl 5/4/94

     142. "I want blue celery with cheese." Jim 5/4/94

     143. "If I fart, Iím not hungry." Matt 5/5/94

     144. "We could pull enough energy out of this place to run the Nagra!" Matt 5/6/94

     145. "The closest thing to sex for me is to fart." Dean 5/6/94

     146. "Youíre gonna hit the mailbox, uh, I mean mailman." Matt 5/6/94

     147. "I got Cís in all the classes I got Dís in." Matt 5/6/94

     148. "Mattís gonna pull up a chair at the buffet table." Karl 5/6/94

     149. "Your math professor is figuring out your grade, Dean. Heís probably using his fingers!" Karl 5/6/94

     150. "Isnít grout the stuff you put around the tub to keep it from getting..." Matt 5/6/94

     151. "When I get tired, I need sleep!" Cindy 5/6/94

     152. "We didnít want to see the sea whales die!" Matt 4/18/94

     153. "Where are we gonna put all of this sofa?" Matt 4/18/94

     153. "Itís a chain effect thing." Karl 4/20/94

     154. "Yo dude, they are building plants." Matt 4/20/94

     155. "Psychic friends. You can tell where your friends are." Dean 4/21/94

     156. "I got a color discoloration." Karl 4/22/94

     157. "Iím naked, I canít see. Iím blind." Matt 4/23/94

     158. "How long is foot long?" Holly 5/24/94

     159. "Is she naked?" Holly 5/24/94 (asking about a picture of a woman in the shower)

     160. "Up telescope, I mean periscope!" Karl 5/8/95

     161. "Arenít you supposed to cut flowers a slanty way?" "You mean on an angle?" Vanessa and Karl 6/29/95

     162. "Where in Michigan are you staying at?" "Right outside of it!" Brandon and Karl

     163. "You should at least have gotten the thorns without the roses!" Suzanne

     164. "Iíd like a hot glass of coffee!" Matt 7/15/95

     165. "My parents molded my sweat glands when I was born!" Matt

     166. "Matt rocks himself back to sleep trying to get up!" Karl

     167. "Iíd roll you over like a bad habit!" Rich 10/1/95

     168. "Is Matt fat because of beer or because he drinks a lot?" Kristy 2/3/96

     169. "Did you have sex with Nancy?" "No!" "What stopped you?" "The Game Warden." Karl, Matt and Brandon

     170. "That tractor jack turned over!" Kristy

     171. "Where the hell is the clothes soap?" Derek Boyko

     172. "I thought we were going to New Jersey, not Atlantic City!" Cindy

     173. "A stapler without staples is like a body without a soul." Karl 12/3/96

     174. "Karl, they have chocolate milk, and they warmed it up!" "Do you mean Hot chocolate?" Mom and Karl

     175. "Heís so fat, he brushes his teeth with butter!" Ray 1/3/97

     176. "Nobody complained about my licker before!" Lady at bank 3/21/95

     177. "Iíd give the crust of Christ for her!" Matt 3/24/95

     178. "Do you have any frequent diner cards?" "No, but if we did, youíd qualify." Matt and waitress 3/24/95

     179. "You couldnít handle me!" "Why, do you stink?" Jenn Schaub and Karl 3/25/95

     180. "Fish Hunkies..... Fish Monkeys, uh, I mean Sea Monkeys, goddammit!" Matt 3/25/95

     181. "Itís been sitting around for 15 minutes in good pizza mode!" Matt 3/25/95

     182. "Trying to get Matt out of the bathtub is like trying to pull a snail out of itís shell!" Brandon 3/26/95

     183. "They are red, and have a small key opener on them, I mean bottle opener!" Jim 3/26/95

     184. "Iím gonna screw her until she isnít screwed anymore!" Karl 4/8/95

     185. "Shut up, dashbag!" Karl 4/8/95

     186. "What would you do if you were drafted in the first round?" "Iíd probably go out and get a burger." Brandon and Matt.

     187. "Beggars canít be cheesies." Johnnay 2/22/95

     188. "You canít call a black cow a black cow." Johnnay 2/22/95

     189. "Holly should get the department of transportation to jackhammer her face!" Matt

     190. "Allright, Duke!" Karl

     191. "Wait until I put the rotary dial down, I mean the window!" Karl

     192. "Look at the loon!" Brandon

     193. "Did you fart?" "Past tense." "Farted?" Matt and Karl

     194. " Windfart!" Matt

     195. "Were they playing bed poker?" Karl

     196. "Maybe we can get a moose in the jungle!" Matt

     197. "Have a good luck!" Cliff Williams 3/9/95

     198. "Today there is the same amount of light as there is day!" Anthony Castellucio 3/21/95

     199. "Dude, we had to put down the elbow-separators, uh, I mean the armrests!

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