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Number 2


300.    “Craig, Sheri called me Hitler.”  “Adolf?” “No, Bob Hitler!”  Karl and Craig 5/29/00

301.    “I just heard a traveling duck!” Jenn trying to say trouser geese

302.    “Kurt, did Pete Samford win Wilmington?”  Mom

303.    “Kurt, you should go to Olidators.”  Mom telling Kurt to go to National Wholesale Liquidators.

304.    “Do they know what sex it is?”  “Yeah, it’s a guy.”  Karl and Brandon talking about Drew and Carol’s baby 11/29/00

305.    “I have a beer full of refrigerators.”  Rich Brown 11/30/00

306.    “Karl, can I have a slice of paper?”  Deb Blanton, 12/19/00

307.  "Mark, open the net...uh, the fence......uh, the screen, dammit!"  Karl 11/24/00

308.  "Look, is that a Robin....the red breast?"  Jenn

309.  "Fudgepacker Franklin!"  Jenn

310.  "Hey Arty, I think they have Ammonium IB behind the cash register."  Mark trying to tell Arty that Wawa has Immodium A.D. - 12/31/00

311.  "Wow, the Delaware River has Ice on it!"  "That's the Schukyll, you jackass!"  Drew and Styk 12/31/00

312.  "I think I outgrew my snow suit."  Mark 12/31/00

313.  "I have an extroverted anus." Diane

       314.  "They are all in a house tree." Mark

       315.  "It's the code book. It holds all the codes." Styk

       316.  "Why do they call it a minced meat pie? It's meat that's minced." anonymous

       317.  "He came down to see Mark blowing Pam." Drew

       318.  "Wasn't Mike Myers the guy who played Ace Ventura?"  Kurt 1/4/01

       319.  "The way you spell Ralph, it has no vowels!"  "I was spelling hypothetically."  Styk and his brother 1/4/01  

       320.  "Wow, nice leather jocker!"  Deb Blanton 1/5/01

       321.  "Tracy, are you going to Wet Chester?"  Deb Blanton 1/5/01

       322.  "You went from beggars can't be choosers, to choosing choosy Jif!" Styk 1/6/01

       323.  "My friend at work tried to set me up with an 18-year old who isn't 18 yet."  Mark 1/6/01

      324.  "A Grocer's Dozen."  Ray 16/01

      325.  "I had to pay my dues at the funeral home."  Deb Blanton 1/8/01

      326. "Do trains stop for perfume?  Uh, I mean funeral processions?"  Deb Blanton 1/8/01  

      327.  "I want to get some of the Eagles turf for momentum."  Mark 1/12/01

      328.  "They flock like horses to shit."  Mark 1/12/01

      329.  "I've had that number in my rolex for years."  Sue 1/18/01

      330.  "I'm thinking about checking out their craptice."  Sue 1/17/01

      331.  "I want to give pops to my preeps."  Karl 1/17/01

      332.  "Are you using Turkey-Beef?"  Karl asking if ground turkey was used  1/17/01

      333.  "Who's the mess?"  Rich 1/19/01

      334.  "Karl is like a talking teddy-bear that pulls his own string."  Rich 1/19/01

      335.  "He was my 52-year-old friend who went to sleep and woke up dead."  Deb Blanton 1/22/01

      336.  "I'd like to be the attention of center."  Styk 1/25/01

      337.  "The Mickey Mouth Club."  Karl 1/28/01

      338. "The Mobile Airplane Hallway."   Sue, 1/27/01

      339.  "Karl, you are a colon." Styk. 1/28/01

      340.  "I got the TV Player for free." Danielle, 1/28/01

      341.  "I'm pushing the mucous."  Danielle

      342.  "Wow, the Flyers really handed one to the Steelers the other night!"  Sue 1/31/01

      343.  "You mean Tom Bosley from Charlie's Angels?"  Sue's friend John

      344.  "It's going to be really funny at 11:30 in the afternoon."  Brandon 2/1/01

      345.  "Maybe it was done in a different wersion of Vord!"  Styk 2/5/01

      346.  "Don't touch me.  I'm eating pointy food!"  Sue 2/4/01

      347.  "I had a Kenmore CD player!"  Trish 2/6/01

      348.  "Things are like that in Happy Land."  Bev Grove

      349.  "Dude, we are gonna mess some stuff open!"  Matt

      350.  "I have to disguise my check book."  Trish 2/9/01

      351.  "I can't differentiate Kaelinese from the real words."  Sue 2/7/01

      352.  "That movie is squarey."  Karl 2/7/01

      353.  "That's an outdated back of the remote thingy."  Sue 2/7/01

      354.  "The DCL....uh, I mean the DSL?"  Sue 2/7/01

      355.  "Screw Jane, I'm calamity Sue!"  Sue 2/11/01

     366.  "I want 30 waters.....er, a drink."  Matt 2/11/01

     367.  "It's up on the scoo.......er roof."  Matt 2/11/01

     368.  "We were the MVP's of the All American Make-out Team."  Sue 2/11/01

     369.  "Matt's cracked ass crackers."   Eric 2/11/01

     370.  "If you haven't had sex for two years, you are the Dahli Lhama of virgins." Styk 2/12/01

     371.  "You ain't whistlin' diskie!"  Matt 2/11/01

     372.  "I'm as red as a ghost!"  Kristy 2/18/01

     373.  "Do you mean the letter 7?"  Rich Hambleton 2/18/01

     373.  "Who's going to arrest me, the smoke police?"  Ray 2/18/01

     374.  "She can't tell the difference between her ass and a fax machine!"  Sue 2/17/01

     375.  "Don't you wish you would've found a 10 or 15 dollar bill?"  Karl 2/21/01

    376.  "You get a nervous reaction every time the buzzer sounds."  "That's because I'm pushing air out of my ass."  Lady in the elevator with Karl 2/24/01

    377.  "Do-di...I'm not gonna do electronic sounds." Sue 2/24/01

    378.  "I'd like to make a toast - Pronto!"  Sue 2/27/01

    379.  "She took the whole thing!"  Inga 2/27/01

    380.  "Aunt Inga, are you having cake?"  "Yes."  "Birthday cake?"  Trish and Inga 2/27/01

    381.  "I was watching the nocal news."  Styk 2/28/01

    382.  "My son said we are supposed to get 6 feet of snow!"  "Wow, that's like 84 inches!"  Deb Blanton and Karl 3/01/01

    383.  "I have to plug up the egg hole."  Danielle 3/10/01

    384.  "Eggs-Bennigans"  Karl 3/10/01

    385.  "Our cross pathed again."  Sue 3/10/01

    386.  "I can't carry all the jackets....I only have one hand....I mean, two hands."  Danielle 3/10/01

    387.  "I don't play games.  I quit school in 3rd grade when I found out there was a recess."  Sue 3/10/01

    388.  "We have to condense food."  Sue 3/03/01

    389.  "Sorry if you smell something foul.  I had the Transylvanian casserole for dinner."  Sue 3/10/01

    390.  "We fix it good.  Bang bang, happy fun time."  Brandon 3/10/01

    391.  "We close."  Brandon 3/10/01

    392.  "I work a block and a half away from where I work."  Sue 3/3/01

    393.  "The foot's on the other shoe now!" Matt 3/12/01

    394.  "  The Trojens of San-Fran-Diego!"  Sue 3/13/01

    395.  "w-w-w-dot-blackslash"  Karl 3/13/01

    396.  "The part sound."  Karl 3/17/01

    397.  "They can't us from across the couch."  Karl 3/17/01

    398.  "Normally, everytime somebody says something, it is followed by a Karl trailor."  Kevin 3/17/01

    399.  "Do you pee sideways?"  Kevin 3/17/01

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