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Number 2


800. "Make sure the turkey is o.k."  "Eh, Sue looks fine to me."  Sue's dad 
and Karl 12/23/04

801. "My birthday is on June second this year....I mean on a Thursday."  
Karl 1/6/05

802. "Smut rules!" Brian Trainor 2-2-05

803. "Sixty nine is how we Robinsons like to roll." Matt 2/12/05

804. "Gimme the Glug, the Skog and the Unk." Matt talking about Ikea 2/12/05

805. "That's like a two-headed thorn." Matt talking about a double-edged 
sword 2/12/05

806. "We should call you Thesaurus Brandon." Karl making an encyclopedia 
brown reference when Brandon was using big words 2/12/05

807. "I haven't done it continlulously.....I like the 'L's.'" Ryk, 3-3-2005

808. "I'm so white, I create problems on dance floors." Karl 3/3/2005

809. "Everywhere you go, there's bad." Karl 3/8/05

810. "Cows come from cheese." Cliff 3/14/05

811. "Is Sunday on Monday?" Janette 3/17/05

812. "I almost never score.......in hockey." Karl 3/21/05

813. "I can do a split like Charles Brown.....I mean James Brown." Sue 

814. "Danielle isn't the same man as you, Brandon." Sue 3/19/05

815. "Good luck with the fish!" Sue 3/26/05

816. "There are eight bathrooms in that urinal." Kurt 4/16/05

817. "Trendy like tofu." Karl 4/22/05

818. "The idiot called, they want their village back" Ryk 5/16/05

819. "Does the Pope shit in the woods?" B.T. 5/16/05

820. (In an Elvis voice) "I'll have a peanut butter and chicken sandwich." Karl 5/22/05

821. "I figure it'll be better if we eat first and then have dinner." Kurt Neff 5-23-05

822. "I have some 30-proof lip balm." Karl 5/24/05

823. "Hey, where's the Hard Rock." "It's on the top of your head." Sue and Lisa 5/21/05

824. "You should at least have 1 quart of liter per day." Lisa 5/24/05

825. "That looks like shark vents....I mean, gills." Brian Trainor, 6/3/05

826. "The country of Paris." Karl 6-1-05

827.  "No, you are the illegal one!" Ken 5/15/05

828. "I am like Milk of Magnesia." Karl 6/9/05

829. "It's on July 8th, a week after Memorial Day." Larry 6/9/05

830. "It only hurts when I breathe.......in." Ryk 6/14/05

831. "Thinking takes a lot of thought." Ken 6/23/05

832. "The Fluid Fairy, you idiot!" Brian Trainor, July 6, 2005

833. "That is a heavy-ass Death Star." Joe P 7/20/05

834. "Cool oozes out of me like the plague." Ryk 8/3/05

835. "Microsoft is a Monstropoly." Karl 8/20/05

836. "What is it with you and poultry confections?" Eugene 8/25/05

837. "All this talk about death is making me hungry." Brian Trainor 8/25/05

838. "Apper Cywool!" - Ryk trying to say apple cider. 8/31/05

839. "We are alma maters of Penn State." Karl 9/10/05

840. "This Miso soup tastes like dishwasher ... I mean dish-water." Ryk 

841. "I ain't doin' any no waxing." Karl 9/27/05

842. "I'm as quick as sandpaper." Karl 9/27/05

843. "Did you get a bad case of retarded?" Karl 10/4/05

844. "Iron your nuts, Bitch!" Ryk 10/6/05

845. "You are about as clueless... as that chick from the movie 'Clueless.'" Ryk 10/17/05

846. "If only bacon crawled on trees..." Karl 10/24/05

847. "I used to take a Greyhound Bus that went from Pittsburgh to P.A." Ryk, 10/27/05

848. "The French are tampons ... stuck-up pussies." Rob 11/10/05

849. "Why are there so many walls in your hole?" Ryk 11/10/05

850. "Diversity is for gay people. I'm all about xenophobia and standards... Dare to be the same." Cliff 11/16/05

851. "So, when you get the new X-Box, are you going to call into work and tell them that you have 'New-Console-itis?'" Karl 11/21/05

852. ""We are decorating our X-mas tree with champagne and pizza." "Won't that smell?" Sue and Brian

853. "Well, you're not going to do your own car, because that would be weird." Eugene - 1/3/05

854. "It's really kid friendly ... except for the death scenes." Ryk 1/3/06

855. "Cookie Puss my ass!" Karl 1/5/06

856. "Your reality just got fucked!" Ryk 1/9/06

857. "My fred is hurting." Ryk 1/12/06

858. "I'm reclaiming the clown." Karl 2/2/06

859. "I like Ryk's weasel." Brian 2/7/06

860. "I'm very unlogical....I mean illogical." Karl 2/22/06

861. "That's a song that gets the flood blowing." Karl 3/8/06

862. "I'm not afraid of spakes and sniders." Ryk 3/15/06

863. "You can put the fish in toilet paper ... I mean tin foil." Sue 3/14/06

864. "I wanna play with it but it might hurt - Colleen 

865. "Have you ever juiced a human? Well you are now!" Colleen

866. "I'm sorry, I'm just having a stressful day - with my husband having a cat scan and all." "What's wrong with your cat?" Deb and Anonymous

867. "Stop deflating my airplane." Christine 3/29/06

868. "Heaven is deep fried and frozen." Karl 4/6/06

869. "It's a bad day to dance." Brian, April 11, 2006

870. "I forgot my belt today. Thank goodness I'm fat." Karl 4/13/06

871. "Somebody doesn't know their monster-lore." Ryk 4/14/06

872. "I have a math party to go to." "I hope they are serving pi." Walt and Karl. 4/13/06

873. "Slayer is good chicken-eating music." Ryk, 4/20/06

874. "He almost sounds like a used Karl salesman." Ryk 4/26/06

875. "He was a happy big-headed baby." Karl (talkin' about Steve) 4/27/06

876. "I'm gonna notify your face!" Ryk 5/3/06

877. "It's Hard to fight without knees." Rob 5/5/06

878. "A funny odor? What, did a clown fart?" Ryk 5/8/06

879. "Late morning, which is early evening." Ryk, 5/16/06

880. "Ants and planimals." Ryk 5/19/06

881. "Have a car-ot, Karol!" Ryk, 6-2-06

882. "I move pretty good for fat!" Karl 6/2/06

883. "I think we can break the seed of spound!" Ryk 6/8/06

884. "In the book of Enoch, it states that fallen angels taught us sins - like war and makeup." Ryk 6-27-06

885. "I refuse to join Watercooler culture." Kurtis 7/10/06

886. "A compressor, that's a device that makes the sounds sound soundier." Ryk 7/13/06

887. "International Hounds of Pancakes." Karl 7/17/06

888. "She’s about as feminine as a cock.” Brandon 9/2/06

889. “Just because he looks like Mrs. Doubtfire, doesn’t mean Smokin’ can clean like her.” Ray 9/3/06

890. “I’d have a better shot of farting myself to the moon.” Scott 9/3/06

891. “I’ve seen you scratching your balls a lot, maybe they should come out with a product called ‘Testisil.’” Sue 8/27/06

892. “I really like your bracelet … I bet you could probably catch a fish with it.” Karl 8/26/06

893. "I'm so bright, I gotta wear shades." Ryk 9/18/06

894. "Oh, I failed at horticulture." "Why are you learning the culture of whores?? You  planning on being a pimp or something?" Rky's  syster and Ryk.

895. "Come on, just prognasticate! Umm... prognosticate??"  "You mean procrastinate?" "Yeah, that's it!" Ryk and Brian

896. "You know that John Steinbeck book, 'The Fruits of Wrath.'" Kurt

896. "That one was so old, it had a chain attached to it." Karl, talking about one of his farts 1/31/07

897. "The ictic arse shelf." Ryk, trying to say Arctic Ice-shelf. 2/5/07

898. "When you've been me as long as I have, you can anticipate the outcome." Karl 2/16/07

899. "What's your favorite Italian food?" "French Bread." Sue and Karl 2/24/07

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