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 Week 14
Panzies Sweep Brats


  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
Bratwurst 7 7 0 14 28
Panzies 7 17 7 13 44
Passing Drew Brees - 16 of 24, 247 yds, 2td, 1 int
Rushing LaDanian Tomlinson - 22 rushes, 83 yards, 1 td
Receiving Stephen Alexander, 10 rec., 126 yds.
Berlin, GER - The Brats, forced to come up with an A-game against the Panzies,
ended up coming up with another clunker, their 4th in a row.
The Panzies scored first, after forcing the Brats to punt, on a long drive,
one of many for Punxatawny, punctuated with a td pass to Christian Fauria.
The Brats were able to muster a long drive of their own, tying the game at 7
with a td run by Tomlinson.
The Panzies scored a second td on a long pass to Bethel Johnson, and then forced
Tomlinson to fumble on consecutive plays, the second of which was recovered
by the Panzies. They put another field goal on the board to extend the lead
to 10.
Berlin scored another touchdown right before the half, but the Panzies were
able to score too to make it 24-14 at the break.
The Panzies scored another td in the third, and then forced a Brees fumble
and put 7 more points on the board to make it 38-14, before the Brats could
answer with a td pass from Brees to Dwayne Smith.  Two more field goals by the
Panzies were only answered by one long td pass from Brees to Dez Bryce.  The
final score was 44-28.
Coach Grieb Press Conference:
Ugh, we are on a downward spiral, and I'm not sure what we can do anymore. Our
defense was brutal, and our offense gave away too many balls.  We have two games
left, and if we are lucky, maybe we can end the season on a high note.
Question 1:
Do you think your team is out of the playoffs?
Coach Grieb - Mathematically, no.  But, we really aren't playing well, and
the Beermen are on fire.  We need a lot of help from the Prowlers, Bandits, 
and Dogz.
Question 2:
What happened tonight?
Coach Grieb - When you play such a good team like the Panzies, you need 
interceptions or turnovers.  We didn't get them, and we gave two to them, and
there is no way to win against them when you fall behind on turnovers.
Question 3:
What now?
Coach Grieb - We play the Hawgs, and we need to come out fighting.  This team
took it to us earlier in the year.  It is gut-check time.  Our team must play
with some pride in order to have a chance.

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