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Observation 5.2
January 17, 2005
I received such a great response from people regarding my last 
observation (you guys are sick!), that I was motivated to do another 
observation about one of my many other quirks.  I'm not sure how many people will 
agree or disagree with this one, or if people will be as interested, 
but I feel very strongly about this one.
In my opinion, the blinker, or turn signal, is put into a car for a 
reason.  One should always use it when changing lanes, turning at an 
intersection - heck, I wish they had straight signals, so that you would 
have to use it when you were going straight....I feel really strongly 
about this.  I don't have concrete numbes, but I think less and less people 
are using turn signals, and it really rubs me the wrong way.  
The most annoying "non-use" of a turn signal is when a person is making 
a left-hand turn when there are two lanes, and one is kind of like a 
passing lane.  It happens to me on Mac Dade Blvd. all the time.  And I 
know as soon as I get in the left lane that this will happen to me, but I 
continue to do it, because (a) the old ladies with the blue knuckles 
that are driving the oldsmobiles in the right lane are travelling at a 
whopping 5 miles an hour, or (b) I need to get home because I didn't want 
to drop chow at work.  So, I'm driving along and the person in the El 
Camino in front of me who, just seconds ago, was checking in at 50 miles 
an hour, and politely asking me to get in the right lane by honking his 
horn, flashing his blinkers, and giving my car an exhaust test, now has 
slowed down for no apparent reason, and now is at a complete stop. I 
honk my horn, and he gives me this "what the hell are you honkin' your 
horn at" look to me, and then eventually makes the turn.  Hmmmph, I guess 
I should've used my ESP.  I should know that someone is about to turn 
even when this person doesn't feel like using the turn signal.
I even get pissed off at people who are in the turning lane but do not 
use their turn signals.  I know you are in the turning lane, and it is 
inevitable that you will turn, but still.  Maybe I'm a little to over 
the top with this one, but just use the damb turn signal, even though we 
know you are turning.  In this society when people are driving their 
cars, on the phone, on the computer, with the t.v. on, all in the car, a 
turn signal might grab their attention - especially if they are in 
oncoming traffic.  Trust me, it may take a wee little bit of effort, but 
use the turn signal in the turning lane.
Another really annoying one is when on the highway, especially with a 
decent amount of traffic, when somebody tries to pull in front of me 
without using the turn signal.  I don't experience road rage very often, 
but when this happens, I feel like following this person home, waiting 
for this person to get out of the car, and then hitting this person with 
my fist so hard that this person will have to pull his/her pants down 
in order to brush his/her teeth.  First of all, it is common courtesy to 
put the turn signal on when going into another lane, especially if 
somebody else is occupying it. By using the turn signal, you not only 
signal that you would like to enter this lane, but you show respect to the 
other drive by "asking" permission to get into this lane. By not doing 
this, it feels to me that this jerk on wheels just pulled a fast one on 
me.  I can't explain it any better than that.  It almost seems like the 
person cheated.  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!
There are other forms of not using the turn signal, such as when 
somebody is in the right lane and is planning on turning, but for one reason 
or another, either doesn't want anybody else to know, or doesn't feel 
that it is important to anyone else.  Ummmm, well, if I'm behind you, 
and you are travelling at 2 miles an hour, I am probably going to get 
angry, cursing up a storm, because I have no idea why you are travelling 
at a whopping 2 on a 35-mile-an-hour road.  Just show me the courtesy of 
turning your signal on, so that I can either change lanes or at least 
be comfortable with the knowledge that you are going 2 miles an hour for 
a reason. Of course, the people that have to go left first in order to 
go right piss me off even more, but that may be a topic for another 
Feel free to respond to this, especially you butt pirates who don't use 
turn signals. Please, let me know why you think it is important not to 
use them.  I need the insight. 

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