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Observation 4.8

June 22, 2004

More little observations:
Well, as one might expect, Philadelphia once again doesn't have a 
"champion."  The Flyers lost to the eventual Stanley Cup Champions, the 
Tampa Bay Lightning, in the semifinals.  Two things.  First, I really hate 
teams from Florida.  I mean, I've always hated the college sports teams 
from Florida, but now it has seeped into professional sports.  Remember 
the days when the Tampa Bay Buccanneers were laughing stocks.  Or, when 
the Lightning first came into the league?  Nobody could lose to them.  
Now, they are winning all of the championships.  It is frustrating, to 
say the least.  And then Smarty Jones loses at the Belmont.  If you 
live in Philadelphia, you should've bet the house on the fact that Smarty 
wasn't going to win.  That kind of thing doesn't happen in Philadelphia 
anymore.  People said, "Karl, you must be excited, now that the Eagles 
have Terrell Owens and Jevon Kearse.  There is no way they can lose."  
Uh, yeah, the second I believe the Eagles will win the Super Bowl is 
the second after time runs out in the Super Bowl with the Eagles winning.  
Sour grapes?  No.  More like educated.
I just saw the Van Halen show last week in Philly.  This group had the 
opportunity to be the best American Rock and Roll group of all time 
(nobody can beat the Stones for best Rock and Roll group in the world), 
but for one reason or another, they just couldn't keep a lead singer.  
Sammy is back, and he should be the lead of the group at this point, 
because Dave looks and sounds like crap (I saw him a couple of years ago), 
plus, Sammy will sing Dave's songs (Dave won't sing Sammy's songs).  
These guys still rock, and probably have a few more good albums in them  
if they can just stay together.
Speaking of music, I just heard a rumor that the Kinks are planning on 
recording a new album, putting out a comprehensive greatest hits box 
set, and possibly touring.  I'm a huge Kinks fan - they are without a 
doubt in my top 5, and I've never had the opportunity to see them live 
before.  The last time I could've seen them was in 1994, but circumstances 
prevented me.  This is one of the most underrated groups of all-time.  
You've heard some of their standards, such as You Really Got Me, Lola, 
Come Dancing, etc., but this group is so much deeper than that.  They 
have beautiful and haunting lyrics fueled by great guitar riffs.  They 
can combine music that makes you think, with music that makes you dance.  
And, they are the grandfathers of punk music (didn't know that, did 
Sue, Lisa, and I might have an opportunity to go to Hilton Head later 
this summer for vacation.  We've been trying to figure out where to go, 
and this would be cool if things turn out right.  If not, we'll be 
going to Ventnor, probably.  The place is fun and cheap (two words I really 
Of course, who could forget the annual extravaganza known as Styk's 
House.  It is just over 1 month away (can you believe it????), and I have 
yet another new horse-shoe partner.  I'm going through so many 
partners, I came up with a top ten list:
Karl goes through as many (or more) horse-shoe partners as:
10. Bobby says "This is the last year of Styk's House."
9. Matt goes through drywall.
8. Ray or Arty pisses someone off.
7. Mark orders takeout.
6. Steinbrenner goes through managers (before Joe Torre).
5. Spinal Tap goes through drummers.
4. J-Lo goes through Fiances.
3. Keith Richards has blood transfusions.
2. Axl Rose goes through band members
1. Allen Iverson goes through teammates.

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