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Observation 4.7

May 27, 2004

Memorial day weekend is here, and it is fuc%ing hot out there.  
I'm tackling a bunch of small topics today:
The Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Crap
Now, I don't condone any type of abuse, but I think you have to
understand the pressure our soldiers are going through.  They 
are trying to be killed on a daily basis. These insurgents
are probably the ones who tried to kill them. That's enormous
stress, and I think some humiliation toward these attempted 
murderers is a way to let off steam.  Now, whether we should be
in Iraq or not in the first place is a different argument which 
I won't tackle now.  But, we can't turn our backs on the people
who are protecting our freedom. Why are we focusing more on this 
than on the atrocities these people are doing to our people - like
Nick Berg being decapitated, or those soldiers being dragged through
the streets?  They get a couple of days of news, and then it is 
forgotten.  That's bullshit.
American Idol Finals
I'm sure I covered this before, but who cares?  These people are 
talented singers, but that's it.  They can be backup singers or do
studio vocals, but that's it.  If American Idol focused more on 
creative song-writing or band performances, then I might be interested.
Other than that, I've already given too much time to this topic.
The Match Game
Why can't this show be re-created?  Is our society to PC for it, and
if so, why can't it be done on a station like HBO? They tried redoing
the Match Game on at least 2 occasions (I think the last time was 2000),
but because the questions were too vanilla, it failed.  If I was given
the chance to re-create it, I would have a hit in no time.  First of all,
I would use my smart-ass friends as the "stars" of the Match Game (Ray,
Brandon, Matt, Sue, Lisa, Christine would be incredible). The questions
I would ask would be similar to the 1970's version - straight questions,
but they could be taken out of context in a sexual way.  Finally, I would
let my "stars" drink, so that the answers and banter would be that much
more funny.  I would also bring back the original music and the stage
(Maybe with some minor updates).  Any takers?

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