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Observation 4.4

March 18, 2004

March Madness
It is March Madness time again.  A time when I transform myself from a 
guy that couldn't give two shits about college basketball, to, in my 
mind, the greatest college basketball brackateer this side of 
......er......everywhere. Even though, I don't follow the sport, or the individual 
teams throughout the rest of the year, somehow, when I start filling 
these brackets out, I convince myself of how familiar I am with these 
teams and players - most of which I haven't even seen play.  It still 
doesn't dampen my enthusiasm and confidence.  I truly believe that I am 
picking every game correctly.  Then, I get shocked when my picks don't 
win.  I shouldn't be shocked.  I should be about as shocked as I would be 
if I stuck my hand in a boiling pot of water and got burned.  I still 
take it personally, though.  How could this team that I "picked" to win, 
let me down?  I normally am in the middle of the pack with regards to 
the basketball pools.  I think one time, junior year in high school, I 
placed in 2nd or 3rd.  At the time, I was watching basketball a little 
more.  It's tough to watch basketball in Philly, though, especially when 
your most well known player is A.I.
Terrell Owens:
Holy shit!  The Eagles actually decided to go out and get themselves a 
top-notch receiver.  I'm not sure what this city will do.  The last 
time we had a true number 1 receiver was before Ed Rendell was mayor.  I 
have a friend who will remain nameless.  He lives in Baltimore, and two 
weeks ago, he sent me an e-mail with an attachment that said something 
to the effect of "Ravens steal Owens from Eagles."  He blurted out that 
this would send the Ravens to yet another championship. I mentioned 
that Owens can only play as well as the quarterback throws to him, and 
since the best quarterback in Baltimore died a little while ago (Unitas), 
Owens wasn't going to take that team to the Super Bowl.  Also, I 
mentioned that he can be a cancer, and I still believe that.  But, I think in 
his first year or two, he won't be a problem.  This, coincidentally, is 
also the amount of time the Eagles have left to win a Super Bowl with 
their current "core" players.  It makes sense, and now Donovan can 
finally throw the ball to somebody who can make a play.
We are supposed to get yet another snow storm.  Not that we've had many 
this year, because we haven't.  But it's been damn cold all winter.  I 
couldn't wait for spring to come.  My philosphy is, if it is not going 
to snow much, we may as well not get any snow.  I won't days off, darn 
it!  I don't want to shovel in vain.  This snow will be a real pain in 
the butt to shovel, because it is going to be wet snow.  I want the 
powdery stuff that takes no effort to shovel, darn it!  
I am almost done building my bar - thanks to Brandon.  Actually, 
Brandon has done most of the work, because he is talented like that.  If I 
were to build a bar myself, the finished product probably wouldn't 
resemble anything close to a bar.  My dad has all of that engineering-type, 
blue collar-type talent.  For some reason, I never received this talent.  
I received the talent of being one clumsy sumbitch.  If there is 
something that can or needs to be broken, I'm your man.  I'll find a way to 
break it if it kills you.  Of course I've been blamed for breaking 
things that I haven't even seen or touched.  I guess it's possible to have 
such an aura that this could happen, though.  Anyway, the bar is almost 
done.  Please stop by sometime if you are in the neighborhood.


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