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 Week 13
Twisters Win on Bonehead Play


  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
Bratwurst 7 7 0 7 21
Twisters 10 14 0 0 24
Passing Drew Brees - 15 of 25, 210 yds
Rushing LaDanian Tomlinson - 21 rushes, 142 yards, 3 td
Receiving Stephen Alexander, 4 rec., 75 yds.
Late Call Costs Brats
Nashville, TN - An intriguing matchup that had playoff consequences 
written all over it, came down to the last few minutes, unfortunately the 
Brats are no longer in control of their playoff lives. Berlin wasted an 
all-pro performance by LaDanian Tomlinson, and mistake free passing by 
Drew Brees, coming up just short, 24-21.  
It seemed as if both defenses took vacations in the first half, as 38 
points were thrown up on the board - and at times, it seemed rather 
easy.  After the Titans drove the ball down field for a quick 3 points, 
LaDanian Tomlinson rumbled 53 yards to make it 7-3 for the Brats.  Not to 
be out-done, Eddie George rumbled 73 yards to put the Titans on top 
again. The Titans scored another td, thanks to the arm of Steve McNair, 
but the Brats answered again with another Tomlinson TD.  The Titans made 
it 24-14 right before the half.
The second half was a different story, as both defenses tightened up.  
Punts were traded through-out the third quarter, as the game of field 
position ruled. The only turnover of the game occurred at the end of the 
third, as McNair threw a hail-mary that was returned to the 
The Brats closed the gap early in the fourth quarter, thanks to 
Tomlinson's 3rd touchdown rush of the game.  Then, the defining moment of this 
team's season occurred, unfortunately. The Brats drove deep into 
Titans' territory late in the game, Berlin was in a 4th and inches quandry.  
Berlin could force a tie, or possibly go for the win.  Coach Grieb 
rolled the dice, put in a jumbo backfield, and came up short, as the Titans 
hung on for the thrilling win.
Coach Grieb Press Conference:
First of all, no injuries.  I'm sure this will come up the rest of the 
season, but we really thought we could make the few inches needed on 
fourth down late in the game.  We were in a position to win and we 
decided we should go for it.  We were running the ball well the entire game, 
and we thought a few inches would be easy to get.  Obviously, we were 
wrong.  We've lost 5 games by 7 points or less.  The great teams find a 
way to win those games.  Right now, we aren't great.
Question 1:
If you had it to do all over again, would you kick a field goal?
Coach Grieb - I would've kept LT in the game.  He would've gotten the 
yards needed.  Frustrating!
Question 2:
Why did you take LT out?
Coach Grieb - I thought by putting our big guys in, they could easily 
get the yard.  I was wrong, obviously.
Question 3:
What now?
Coach Grieb - well, we don't control our destiny anymore.  We need to 
go out and play like it is our lives at stake. 
Question 4:
You have arguably the toughest team in the league next week in the 
Panzies.  What is your game plan.
Coach Grieb - to steal a phrase from an owner in the NFL, "Just Win, 

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