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Welcome to "The Grill," the Berlin Bratwurst's new team website.  The Bratwurst are a member of the DMFL (Dicks Madden Football League), a league currently comprised of 13 teams.  In upcoming weeks, this website will saturate your mind with everything Bratwurst. 


Week 12 Scoreboard:

Team 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Overtime Total
Bratwurst 21 10 7 21 3 55
Panzies 14 10 14 7 0 52
Passing Drew Brees - 22/33 , 381 yards, 3 TD
Rushing LaDanian Tomlinson - 28 rushes, 105 yards, 3 TD
Receiving Stephen Alexander - 10 catches, 169 yards, 1 TD
Berlin, Germany - For all of those people who expected to see a 
defensive struggle like the previous game between the Panzies and Bratwurst, 
both teams send their apologies.  Apparently both teams left the 
defensive units in the locker room for this one, as Berlin knocked off the 
Panzies in overtime, 55-52, to take control of the NFC West.

The game itself ranks as one of the greatest games in DMFL history, 
complete with more twists than a Chubby Checker song.  The Bratwurst 
opened the day with a balanced touchdown drive on its first possession.  The 
Panzies could not respond, and had to punt, but because of the bad 
weather (and some bad hands), Tim Dwight fumbled the punt and Punxatawny 
returned it for a game-tying touchdown.  The Bratwurst struck back to 
take a 21-7 lead towards the end of the first quarter, but once again, a 
turnover would pull the Panzies within striking distance.  Brees was hit as 
he was about to throw the ball, and the opportunistic Panzies defense 
gobbled it up for another touchdown.  

Again, Berlin forged forward and restored its 14 point lead with 
another touchdown.  The Panzies responded with a field goal, and then on the 
next kickoff, the Panzies forced yet another fumble which they returned 
for a touchdown, making the score 28-24, in favor of the Bratwurst.  
Berlin would drive and kick a field goal just before half-time making the 
score 31-24.  

The turnover bug would hit the Panzies in the beginning of the third 
quarter, and once again, Berlin was able to push the ball past the 
goal-line to restore the 14-point lead.  The Panzies, determined to stay 
close, drove the ball down the field and scored another touchdown, but 
Berlin answered them to make it 48-31 at the end of the third quarter.  
Once again, the resilient Panzies scored a touchdown, and on the ensuing 
kickoff, Berlin once again fumbled the ball into Punxatawny's hands to 
tie this see-saw of a contest.  

Berlin was unable to move the football and punted to Punxatawny with 
about 3 and 1/2 minutes remaining.  The Panzies moved methodically down 
the field, capitalizing on the running game and the short passing game.  
With under 2 minutes to go, the Panzies had the ball 1st down on 
Berlin's 25-yard line.  But after a failed running attempt, the Panzies tried 
a pass play and were sacked back at the 38 yard line.  With just under 
a minute to go, Punxatawny caught Berlin on a blitz and Brady threw to 
a wide open Troy Brown in the endzone to take their first, and what 
seemed to be their most important lead of the game, 52-45.  

Berlin, out of time outs, and seemingly out of emotion, took over.  
After a few short gaines, and one first down, Berlin found themselves in 
trouble, with a 4th down and 13 at their own 35.  Brees, possibly 
playing his best professional game thus far, found an open David Bost at the 
Panzies 38 yard line, with approximately 20 seconds to go. Boston 
caught the ball, but more importantly, he drew a pass interference penalty, 
which stopped the clock.  On the very next play, Brees once again found 
Boston wide open in the endzone to send this amazing game into 
overtime, tied at 52.

In the overtime session, Berlin received the ball first, but was unable 
to convert, and punted the ball deep into Panzie-land.  The Panzies 
also couldn't convert, and punted the ball back to Berlin.  At this point 
in the game, Brees went to his two "bread and butter" players - 
Ladanian Tomlinson and Stephen Alexander.  Berlin cautiously moved the ball up 
field, and were once again fortunate to have a pass interfence call go 
their way to finally set up a game winning field goal by Christie.   

"It was a shocking game," said an emotionally drained Grieb.  "I hope 
we don't have too many more of these gun-fights!"

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