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 Week 5
Killers Score at Whistle, end Brats' 2 game winning streak


Killers 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
Bratwurst 0 7 10 0 17
Prowlers 7 0 10 7 24
Passing Drew Brees - 8 of 16, 96 yds.   1 td, 2 int  
Rushing Ladanian Tomlinson - 11 rushes, 45 yds, 3tds 
Receiving Stephen Alexander - 3 rec. 55 yds, 1 td.
Dietz and Watson Stadium,  Berlin Ger: 
The Killers came into Berlin with a surprising 2-2 record, but they were
far from through with surprises, beating the Brats 24-17 on a last gasp
touchdown pass that extinguished any flames Berlin had.
The game, as expected, was a defensive struggle, as Tufftown forced Berlin 
to punt deep in its own territory on its opening possession.  The Killers 
capitalized with a short drive to take an early 7-0 lead.  Tufftown was 
poised to score a second touchdown early in the second quarter but a bad
pass by Jake Plummer was intercepted by Ben Leber.  The Brats were able to 
put a good drive together to make it 7-7, which is the way it stayed until 
the third quarter.
Tufftown came out smoking and scored with a TD pass from Jake Plummer, and 
the Brats answered with a field goal to make it 14-10.  Tufftown restored 
its 7 point lead with a field goal of their own, but on the very next 
kickoff, Tim Dwight tied it up with a marvelous kickoff return.
The score stayed that way until the 4th quarter.  Berlin forced Tufftown 
to punt, and had the ball around midfield, when Drew Brees threw his second
pick of the game, and gave Tufftown great field position.  
The Killers drove deep into Berlin territory, but two delay of game penalties
forced them to abandon a field goal opportunity with seconds to play.  Plummer
threw up a prayer, and it was answered with no time remaining.  Final score - 
Tufftown 24, Berlin 17.
Coach Grieb Press Conference:
Well, it was a tough game for us, especially on offense.  Coach Erle has a great
defense and his team was up to the occasion today.  We had trouble moving the 
ball, and we had trouble getting their offense off of the field. To tell you the
truth, we were fortunate to be tied that late in the game.  This one hurts.
Question 1:
Did you have the defense you wanted in on the last play of the game?
Coach Grieb:  Yes and no.  If I had it to do all over again, I would've put
a quarter defense in, but we had just sacked Plummer on the previous play.  We
didn't think he would be able to get the play off, nor did we think he would
be able to deliver such a pass after being sacked. It crossed my mind to call 
timeout, but that's the way it goes.
Question 2:  
Brees didn't have his best game.  What caused it?
Coach Grieb - it was tough to get anything going on offense.  We didn't get
enough yards on the ground, and we just couldn't get receivers in the lanes.
Brees probably shouldn't have thrown that last pass, but if he had made the 
completion, we would've been in great shape for a field goal.
Question 3:
You are 2 and 3.  Are you satisfied?
Coach Grieb - Not at all.  We need to play better.  Our best players today were
the special teamers. Dwight had a huge kickoff return to tie it.  Without that,
we may not have been able to do much on offense.  We'll need to see what we can
do differently in the future.
Question 4:
Next week, the Aces. Could this be a letdown game?
Coach Grieb - We take every game one-at-a-time. Coach Lomas is in his first 
year, and he's still getting the hang of this thing.  He has some great weapons
on offense.  After this past outing, our team better be up.

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