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 Week 2
Bratwurst Fail to Show up in First Half....again!

Week 11 News

Team 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
Bratwurst 3 0 14 10 27
Hornets 7     20 7 10 44
Passing Drew Brees - 21  of  37  310 yards   1 td ,  4 ints.  
Rushing Ladanian Tomlinson - 11 rushes, 48 yards, 1 td. 
Receiving LaDanian Tomlinson - 10 rec., 122 yards, 1 td.
Dietz and Watson Stadium, Berlin, Ger: The Berlin Bratwurst were once
again two different teams, depending on which half was viewed. The Brats
came out unprepared in the first half and found themselves in a 27 - 3 
hole, thanks to an anemic defense that allowed a couple of long touchdown
passes, and good rushing by Duce McCallister.  The Brats were only able to 
score 3 points mainly because of a few Brees miscues, and their inability to
convert on third and short situations.
The Brats came out firing in the second half, narrowing the lead to 34-20 early 
in the fourth quarter, and forcing the Hornets to punt the ball away.  But on
that very next drive, Brees threw perhaps his most costly interception, in 
Hornets territory, which was returned for a touchdown, thus stifling any chance
that Berlin may have had. Berlin travels to Glenolden next week to face the 0-2 
Coach Grieb Press Conference
No injuries to report.  Needless to say, I am disappointed in the way our team
comes out in the first half.  We come out flat, dig ourselves into a deep hole,
and then we play catch-up ball the rest of the way.  I'll take the blame in 
the lack of preparation - I need to make sure these guys are ready to play.  We
can do better than this....we have to.
First Question:
What, specifically can be changed to make this team a better first-half team?
Coach Grieb:  Our intensity is lacking.  We give up touchdowns far too easily
in the beginning of the game. I might have to tweak some things on defense.  Our
offense is sputtering early too.  Maybe, I need to open the playbook up more in 
the beginning.
Second Question:
Any concerns about Brees?
Coach Grieb: Not really.  We were throwing the ball a lot more than we wanted 
to in the second half.  We never got to establish our running game, which is 
vital to our team's success.
Third Question:
What can you do to jump start the running game?
Coach Grieb:  First, we need to have an early stop by our defense. Then, we 
need to find a way to get first downs on offense.  We'll get this thing worked
Fourth Question:
You had a lot of success against the Gangsters last season, and there was some
bad blood in the offseason, due to a trade offer gone bad. Are you concerned 
about the Gangsters?
Coach Grieb:  I'm concerned about every team.  We barely beat the Gangsters both
games last year. They only improved, so we expect an even more difficult time 
this time around.  Both of us are in trouble right now.  Somebody is going to 
get their ship righted.


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