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 Week 11
Hawgs Hunt Down Brats


  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
Bratwurst 7 0 14 0 21
Hawgs 7 7 0 10 24
Passing Drew Brees - 13 of 25, 127yds, 1 td, 0 int
Rushing LaDanian Tomlinson - 17 rushes, 129 yards, 1 td
Receiving Stephen Alexander, 3 rec., 43 yards
Dietz and Watson Stadium, Berlin, Ger:
The Shithawgs came to town in search of a must-win against the 
hot-again, cold-again Bratwurst of Berlin.  When all was said and done, the 
Brats came out flacid, as Berlin had no answer for the Scranton offense, 
let by Donovan McNabb.
As the rain came down, so did the football.....out of Marc Zala's hands 
on the opening kickoff.  Scranton took advantage with a McNabb 
touchdown pass, making it 7-0 early.  Berlin tied it on a long drive, but the 
lead was short-lived as McNabb dissected the defense of Berlin, making 
it 14-7 just before the half.
In the third quarter, Berlin was able to tie the game and then take the 
lead on a long LaDanian Tomlinson scamper, making it 21-14, but the 
lead was once again short-lived, as Scranton marched up the field and tied 
it.  Berlin's offense lost focus and gave the ball up to Scranton late 
in the game.
Scranton was able to move down the field and absorb almost all the 
remaining time, kicking a short field goal for the win.
Coach Grieb Press Conference:
Ugh, what a resounding defeat.  I guess we left our heart out on the 
field after last game, because we didn't show up this time, especially on 
defense.  Maybe we were too aggressive with McNabb, who knows.  He 
threw a lot of "up-for-grab" passes, and our defensive backs really didn't 
respond.  Our offense was good for the most part, but when we needed 
them, they weren't to be found.  Coach Kurt Grieb deserves a lot of 
credit for taking us out - we didn't know what he was going to do on offense 
and it showed.
Question 1:
Is this the worst your defense has played all year?
Coach Grieb - I'm not sure.  Definitely the worst it has played in the 
last 6 weeks or so.  We were thoroughly perplexed.
Question 2:
What can you take away from a game like this?
Coach Grieb - Again, I'm not sure.  We face them again later in the 
season, and I believe that will be a must-win for us.  We need to learn to 
contain McNabb, at the same time we need to learn to out-jump their 
receivers to the ball.  Frustrating.
Question 3:
What happened to the offense at the end?
Coach Grieb - I'm not sure.  We had a good thing going most of the 
game, and then it all seemed to fall apart. I'll have to look at the tapes.
Questio n4:
Is next week's game a must-win?
Coach Grieb - Every game is a must-win.  This one will be a doozy.  It 
always is when we play the Bandits.  They have a great mix between the 
run and pass. Their defense is second-to-none.  We need to put this 
game behind us starting right now.

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