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 Week 9
Brats use Ball Control to Tame Dogz


  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
Bratwurst 3 7 3 7 20
Dogz 0 3 7 0 10
Passing Drew Brees - 24 of 31, 245 yards, 1 td
Rushing LaDanian Tomlinson - 22 rushes, 112 yards
Receiving Dwayne Smith, 3 rec., 65 yards
Dietz and Watson Field, Berlin, GER: 
The Salty Dogz came to Berlin with one of the highest rated
offenses in the league, and possibly the best receiver in 
the league, and even though Randy Moss would prove to have a
terrific day, that couldn't be said for the rest of Singapore.
Berlin used a sensational ball control on offense, combined with
another solid outing by the defense to stifle the Dogz, 20-10. 
The game started off with two turnovers, the first a pick thrown
by Daunte Cullpepper, one of two on the day, to Donnie Edwards.
The Bratwurst gave the ball back, on a LaDanian Tomlinson fumble
inside the 10-yard line.
Berlin was finally able to crack the score-board with a field goal
from Norm Mack.  The Brats added 7 more points in the second quarter
on a long drive, culminated by a 1 yard touchdown plunge by Andy 
The Dogz put 3 on the board right before halftime, and went into the 
locker room only down 7.
The Brats got the ball to open the second half, and scored 3 more points
on another time-consuming drive.  The Dogz fired back with their two studs,
Culpepper to Moss, cutting the lead to 3 late in the third quarter.
Berlin was able to re-establish the 10-point lead with yet another long drive
with a touchdown pass from Brees to Andy Stabler.  The Dogz threatened to cut
the lead to 3, late in the game, but Culpepper's second interception was 
caught by Ryan McNeill in the endzone, ending the drive, and the game.
Coach Grieb Press Conference:
No injuries to report. We came out today hoping to keep the ball out of their
hands, and we did just that. That was probably the best we've ever done with 
ball control. We were able to put the ball in a lot of people's hands, and to
eat up valuable time on the clock.  Defensively, we did a bend-but-don't-break
philosophy. We knew Moss was going to get his yards, but if we could keep 
him in front of us, we would be in good shape, and that is what we did.
Question 1:
Specifically, what were the keys to the victory today.
Coach Grieb - the biggest was probably turnovers. They turned it over twice,
and we only did it once. We also were able to throw short passes well, and 
run well.  We didn't make too many mistakes.  I think we kept them off-guard
pretty well today.
Question 2:
Some of the new guys had big days today.  Any comments on that?
Coach Grieb - It was just a matter of the right time and place.  Hamilton has
been everything we could hope for. He'll get his touches.  Alford has been a 
great blocker for us, but we were close to the endzone, and we had his number,
and he responded.  Great game by both.
Question 3:
Your defense has given up less than 20 points the last four games. What is 
the secret?
Coach Grieb - We have a great system, and the guys match up will in it. Our 
play calling has been good, and our offense has given our defense time to
Question 4:
Next week is a big game.  Any comments?
Coach Grieb - The Beermen seem to have righted the ship with a big win 
against the Killers.  This game has playoff implications all over it.  We
know that they can run, and it seems as though they've been working on the
pass, too. We need to have the same kind of effort on both sides of the ball
as we did today.  I wouldn't miss this one!

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