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February 9, 2004

Coach Grieb:

Coach's Corner First of all, no injuries to report - execpt to our pride. Our team started off good, converting touchdowns on our first two drives, and holding a 21-7 lead before the turnover barrage started. I thought our special teams played strong for the first time in a long time. Our defense played o.k., but we are not getting the turnovers we need, especially with the problems we are having offensively. I thought Hamilton and Tomlinson both had great games, and I'm starting to consider giving them the football on every play, because it seems like they are the only ones making any plays on that side of the ball. Drew Brees had a very tough game, and I think he knows he was the difference in this one. If he makes even one of those throws, instead of an interception, we very well could win that game. It seems in the last 3 weeks, our team hasn't been on the same page. One week, our offense plays well, and our defense loses it for us, the next week, it's the special teams dropping the ball. We need to circle the wagons and figure out what's ailing us. I'm sure the DMFL grape-vine has given coaches "ways to beat us," and that's fine. Maybe we've been too predictable on offense. We're going to add some new wrinkles to this offense - eliminate some plays that haven't been working, and make our team less predictable. That being said, our players need to make plays.

1st question: You say that your team is too predictable. What do you mean by this?

Coach Grieb - I think some people caught on to our "bread and butter" plays, and we need to rely on those less. We'll start practicing running the ball out of different formations, maybe even the shotgun, and passing the ball in different formations and at different times. We have some good receivers, and our blocking is acceptable. I take responsibility for not focusing on this offense enough to make it more explosive.


2nd question - Is this 3-game losing streak anything to be concerned about?

Coach Grieb - In the span of the last 3 weeks, we have played our worst football. Even in that game we lost against the Hornets, we played extremely well. I can't say that of these last 3 losses. We play the Mudfish this week - if we play like we have been, we are going to get our butts handed to us. We have to eliminate the turnovers - and if that means running on third and long, then so be it. Drew Brees needs to get the confidence of his players back before we start taking chances again.


3rd question - Do you think this loss takes you out of the race to win the division?

Coach Grieb - The Killerz are a much-improved team. If they play as well against the Panzies as they did against us, it'll be close. Right now, all we are looking towards is our next game.


4th question - Do you think your team has a shot to beat the Mudfish?

Coach Grieb - I think our team can beat any team if they play without as many mistakes as we've done the last 3 weeks. We're going to have to play better to even make the playoffs. I'm concerned about this stretch. We need to gain more confidence.


Question 5 - Have you talked to Drew Brees?

Coach Grieb - Yes, we've discussed what he needs to do, and what I need to do to make that happen. He'll be more prepared next week.