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January 29, 2004

Coach Grieb: No injuries to report at this time.  Our team came out a little flat, and that is unacceptable, especially against a gifted opponent like Cobb's Crik.  We never got the running game going, and we probably should've thrown more runs at them.  Brees continues to do well, and I was really pleased with the way he held it together after throwing that early interception.  Our defense was OK, and were lucky enough to force an interception in the third quarter that kept the game close.  I am extremely disappointed in our kick return unit, as they gave up yet another fumble.  Things will be addressed regarding that this week.

Question 1 - Can you specifically tell us what you will do with regards to special teams.

Coach Grieb - Tim Dwight had a good day with punt returns today, but Drayton Florence will most likely be replaced.  He has a big future with this team, but he is not ready with regards to kickoff returns.  We are going to replace him with Dwayne Smith, who has impressed us in practice.  He is fast, has sure hands, and has big-play potential.  We really need somebody who can hold onto the football back there.


Question 2 - What positives can you take out of this game as you go into the game with the Panzies?

Coach Grieb - I like our team's never-say-die attitude.  When we were down 28-10 in the 4th quarter, we could've thrown in the towel, but we made a game of it.  We've done that a few times this season.  We have to stop the mistakes on special teams, especially with the Panzies coming up.


Question 3 - What could you have done differently on defense?

Coach Grieb - McNabb was masterful back there. He ran the ball well, and he threw the ball well.  We probably should've focused more on zone defenses, with a few more blitzes in the nickel package, but I thought our defense contained them reasonably well. 

Question 4 - Should we be worried about the running game?

Coach Grieb - Not at all.  The running game is what has gotten us this far, and we played one of the best run defenses in the league.  We were having some success running the ball up the middle, and we probably should've done more of that, but I thought we threw them off balance in the second half by passing the ball successfully.

Question 5 - Because of this loss, does the Panzies game next week have more of an importance?

Coach Grieb - Without a doubt.  Last week, the Panzies were written off by a lot of people.  Now they stand just 1 game back.  They can even the records with a win.  We need to be more focused than ever.  We can't afford the turnovers we had last time.  We also need to contain their tight-end.  He's had a hell of a season.