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January 17, 2003

Regarding last week's game against Media:

We went into the game last week against  Media thinking this would be a good test to see how good the Bratwurst really is.  We feel we passed the test.  Our offense clicked, our defense clicked, and our special teams clicked.


Regarding the upcoming game against division rival Punxatawny:

We know they are going to come after us.  They feel they let the last game slip away from them.  I don't think we can fall behind by 14 points again.  This team is too good to let it happen again.


Regarding the keys to the game:

Obviously, we need to contain their explosive offense.  Antwain Smith is a great running back, and he proved that against us.  But they also have a good quarterback, and good receivers.  We need to contain the run, get some pressure on the QB, and not get beat deep.  It's a tall task to ask, but I think our players are up for it.  On offense, we need to control time of possession.  The less time Cliff's offense has on offense, the better it is for us.  I think we can be successful with the running game, and then we'll have to take some chances passing the ball.


Regarding the importance of the game:

I think Cliff would agree that this is the most important game of the season so far.  If we win, it'll be hard for the Panzies to overtake us for the division title.  But, if we lose, they will have all the momentum going into the third game.  To quote Jim Ross, this will be a slobberknocker.