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 Week 6
Aces give Brats a good first half, but get flushed in the end.


  1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
Bratwurst 14 10 17 14 55
Aces 3 7 0 0 10
Passing Drew Brees - 9 of 12, 275 yds., 2 td. 
Rushing Bobby Mack - 6 rushes, 67 yds, 2 td
Receiving Stephen Alexander - 1 rec., 80 yds, 1 td
Dietz and Watson Stadium,  Berlin Ger: 
The expansion Aces came to Berlin to try and upset the Brats on their own turf,
and for the first half of the game, it looked as if they had a chance.
Central City's defense, ranked near the bottom of the DMFL, forced a punt out
of the Bratwurst on their first possession, but the offense couldn't move the 
ball, and the ball came back to Berlin. Drew Brees, after a horrendous outing
against the Killers, found a wide open David Boston to open the scoring.
On the next possession, Jamar Fletcher returned an interception 45 yards to make
the score 14-0.  The Aces responded, primarily on the arm of Peyton Manning,
getting a field goal to make it 14-3.  The Brats responded with a lengthy
drive, culminating on a LaDanian Tomlinson touchdown to make it 21-3.
The Aces were able to come back with passes to Marvin Harrison, who broke the
plane of the endzone, making it 21-10. The Brats closed out the scoring in the
first half with a field goal.
The Aces were unable to stay close in the second half, as the Brats quickly 
scored on a screen pass to Stephen Alexander, who broke some tackles and 
rumbled 80 yards for the 31-10 lead.  Interceptions hurt the Aces again, as 
Sammy Davis returned one 74 yards for another td., and backup running back
Bobby Mack broke a 50 yard td run.
The final score was the Bratwurst 55, and the Aces 10.
Coach Grieb Press Conference:
It was a little scary in the first half.  I thought the Aces came out with a 
good game plan of throwing in some running plays and putting together some
nice drives in the first half.  They were able to stop our running game, but
because they were over-aggressive in that department, Drew Brees was able to 
have a good game finding a bunch of receivers on just a few passes. 
Question 1 - Did you have any game plan going into the game against the Aces?
Coach Grieb - We knew they'd be passing the ball a lot, so we sat back in Nickels
and dimes for most of the game.  They fooled us a bit early with some runs, but 
they got away from it. They really plugged up the holes defensively against the 
run, but they really didn't protect against the pass enough.  I think they are
improving though - glad we got to play them early.
Question 2 - Any impressive players that stood out today?
Coach Grieb - I was impressed with Bobby Mack's performance - he broke a nice
run for a td.  Marcellus Wiley was dominant, getting 2 more sacks, and an 
interception.  Marvin Harrison was a one-man wrecking crew for their team - he was
able to beat our double coverage a few times.
Question 3 - Were you at all concerned in the closeness of the game in the 
first half?
Coach Grieb - Absolutely.  We knew they had big-play potential, and if they
were going to keep hanging around, it would've been a tough one.  They need
to run the ball a bit more.
Question 4 - You play the Shamrocks next week.  Any thoughts?
Coach Grieb - I know they are running the ball a lot more in Dublin. That is
scary, because their passing game is phenomenal. We can't focus on their pass,
and our offense needs to put points on the board for us to win.  It should be

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