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Observation 4.6

April 28, 2004

This weekend, I am the best man in Brandon Moyer's wedding to Christine
Massaro, and obviously, I'm ecstatic and honored.  Brandon has been one
of my best friends, and probably my greatest influence (I'll explain 
For those of you who don't know (and if you do, humor me), Brandon and
I met on a beach volleyball court at Penn State Mont Alto during our 
sophomore year. I had known of him my freshman year (Mont Alto was a 
small campus), but since he lived in Mont Alto Hall and I lived in Penn 
Gate 2, we really didn't hang with the same people.
Matt Robinson moved down to Mont Alto his sophomore year, and he was 
good friends with my roommate, Brian Smith. Matt lived in Mont Alto Hall,
and he became friends with Brandon, and eventually, we all became good 
Anyway, on the beach volleyball court, Brandon was on one side, and I was 
on the other. I guess I was being the usual smart ass, and Brandon said
to himself, "What an asshole....I like him!"  We hit it off really well 
(not in a gay way), and we ended up going to a soccer game the next week
in Carlisle with Mark Keller.  We were so sarcastic and annoying, that Mark 
probably wished he hadn't taken us.
We all moved to University Park the next year, and during our senior year, 
Brandon, Brian, Dean Ackermann, Matt, and I got an apartment together.  There
were many funny stories, some of which probably can't be written about.  Some
of the better ones involved me pouring boiling water onto my feet, Matt 
"fendering" the wall, Matt pulling Dean off the top bunk and rubbing his ass
on his back, and of course the famous chicken dance incident.  I know I'm 
missing a bunch of stories, but for that's o.k.
After graduation, Brandon moved back to Reading, and then to Baltimore.  I
stayed home with my parents.... er, roommates.  But we still kept in touch, 
and even became closer, if that is possible. Brandon eventually moved to Philly,
and I was excited - we would be able to hang out a lot more.  In fact, Brandon
was responsible for introducing my wife to me (good judge of character), a feat
that wasn't easy to do.
Brandon met Christine at a party at Sue's place, and they hit it off immediately.
It took a while for them to get together, but when they did, it was like magic. 
I think the two of them are good for each other - Christine gave Brandon 
confidence and focus, and Brandon gave Christine....well, I'm not sure what he 
gave her, but I'm sure it's good (just kidding). Now they are preparing to take
a huge step together, and I am happy to say that I am part of it.
Brandon is one of the smartest people I know, if not the smartest. I enjoy our
intellectual conversations, in between our normal humorous banter.  I learn from
him just about every time I am around him.  
Not only do I learn from him, but I laugh, and laugh, and laugh around him.  He could be a comedy writer if he wanted
to, he is that good.  He crafts jokes out of seemingly nothing, and it seems like 
he spent an eternity on something that he probably only spent seconds on.  I have 
been able to craft my sense of humor from him, and have been able to strengthen it.
Brandon has also been one of the most dependable people I know.  If he says he will do
something, you better bet the house that it is going to be done.  He is everything one
could want in a friend, and is more like a brother to me than a friend (he peed on my
parents' hallway floor one time).  
I can only hope that I am half as valuable of a friend to him - I am sure I don't offer
much in the intellectual aspect of things, but maybe my humor and clumsiness make up for
I sincerely wish the best for Brandon and Christine and can't wait to spend the future with
them.  Happy wedding, you two numb-skulls!

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