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Observation 4.5

April 3, 2004

Sorry for not getting an observation up soon, but I got a new computer, 
and this actually leads into my story.  By now, many of you have 
already heard it, but for those who haven't, and for those who may want to 
read it again, enjoy:
I left work early on Friday, in order to meet the cable guy, who was 
coming to install internet cable at home - we got a great deal from 
Comcast - free installation, $9.99 a month for the first 4 months, and then 
$19.99 a month for 8 months. Comcast said the guy would be out between 
2 and 5 p.m. (thanks for the small window) - he actually came out at 
2:30, which must've been some sort of Comcast record.  The cable guy 
assessed the situation, and since we have put up ceiling tiles in the 
basement, he could no longer really go through the basement to install the 
cable internet.  Instead, he decided it would be best to install it 
around the house and through the office on the second floor - which was 
fine by me (as long as I got the high-speed cable).  So, the cable guy got 
the ladder, and began the installation process.  He wrapped the cable 
around the outside of the house (underneath the alumninum siding so it 
doesn't look stupid). 
Now, here is where the story took a bit of a turn. I was in the living 
room, watching T.V., and I hear this loud boom.  Instead of going to 
check and see the cause of this horrible noise, I decided to ignore it 
and continue watching Doc Hollywood.  I did this because (A) Doc 
Hollywood is a pretty good movie, and (B) I figured that if I ignored it, it 
would go away.  Unfortunately, it didn't.  About 5 minutes later, the 
cable guy walked into the house and said, "I had a little bit of an 
accident."  I responded, "Are you o.k.?"  The reply from him was not what I 
had anticipated.  He said, "I'm fine, but I fell on the roof of your 
car."  What?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!  I thought that this surely had to be a 
mistake, but it wasn't.  Sure enough, when I walked out to my car, there was 
this big ass dent on the roof of my car.  
The cable guy had already phoned his supervisor, and was instructed to 
stay there while the supervisor came out to pick him up for a drug test 
(Comcast has this rule). Apparently, the supervisor also instructed the 
cable guy to ask me for my toilet plunger, so he could try to "suck" 
out the dent.  My toilet plunger wasn't working great - the handle kept 
coming off of the rubber thingy, but the good news is that he clamped, 
and now my toilet plunger is as good as new.  The bad news is that the 
toilet plunger didn't work on the big ass dent.  The supervisor came 
out, picked up the cable guy, and left me with the Comcast van and a key 
to it - instructing me that a second supervisor would come by and finish 
the job and assess the damage.  Wouldn't it have been great if I went 
in the van and got myself some digital boxes and modems?  I'm too much 
of a guilty German for that, but oh well.
So, the second supervisor eventually stops by, assesses the damage, and 
installs the cable.  He tells me to get an estimate and Comcast's 
insurance company would handle it from there.  The estimate, by the way was 
around $2,000, which is probably way more than what my car is worth 
now.  Also, I think I've developed my clumsiness into super human powers.  
I can actually transfer my clumsiness through walls to other people.  I 
could be called "Captain Clumsy," or something like that, and be a new 
member of the "Mystery Men" (you'll get it if you saw the movie).

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