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Observation 4. 17
November 10, 2004
Some more random thoughts:
Peterson Trial
Now that the presidential election is over, the media, in a desperate 
race to fill in a lot of empty space, have refocused their attention on 
the Scott Peterson murder case.  Even though I originally was 
semi-interested in this case, it has become boring, and to a great extent, 
annoying, mainly because of the news media.  This case has been dragging on 
for 5 months, do we need to have an update every single day?  I, for 
one, do not, but I might be ignoring the trailor park trash that is out 
of work, and needs this kind of a story to, in some sick sort of way, 
make his/her life relevant.  And by the way, is this the only murder case 
that has happened in this country in the last year? The way the news 
tries to portrary it, one would think this is the case.  Once this case 
gets wrapped up, what will the media focus on next - the Olson sisters 
and eating disorders?  Oh, I hope so.
Madonna/Elton John
I used to like some of Elton John's earlier music (Crocodile Rock, 
Daniel, Rocket Man, etc.), but I swear this guy has gone off the deep end 
quicker than the NASA space program.  First, Elton decides to write 
sound-tracks for Disney movies....a lot of them.  This wouldn't be such a 
big deal, but now we have to hear this crap in elevators around the 
country.  Elton, what happened to your song-writing ability?  If it is 
gone, could you please stop writing music altogether?  Anyway, then Mr. 
John decides to "write" Candle-in-the-Wind for the recently departed 
Princess Dianna.  Problem is, he had "written" this song for Marilyn Monroe 
about 30 years ago.  Again, loss of creativity is to blame here.  Even 
his wigs are no longer creative.  Somebody asked Keith Richards about 
the Candle in the Wind song, and his response was, "Gee, I hope no more 
rich, famous, blonde women die, so we don't have to hear that song 
again."  Of course, Mr. John had to respond to this by saying something 
along the lines of "That means a lot coming from a life-time druggie."  
Mr. Richards countered with, "Aren't you a druggie too, Elton?"  You see, 
Elton John has decided that he is the "voice" of the population when it 
comes to countering musicians.  His latest beef is with Madonna, 
because he feels she lip synchs some of her songs in concert. First, 
shouldn't this be directed at Ashley Simpson?  Second, even if Madonna does lip 
synch some of her music in concert, why single her out?  Third, Elton, 
all you do is sit your fat ass behind a piano, and sing old, boring, 
slow songs that nobody connects with anymore - of course you don't have 
to lip synch!  Wouldn't it be great if he just disappeared?
Sue and I went to Gettysburg this past weekend to celebrate our 1-year 
wedding anniversary - yes, it has been one year since the unthinkable 
happened.  Anyway, what a great town!  So much to do - shopping for 
antiques, Ghost tours, great restaurants, history lessons - incredible.  It 
is only a few hours from Philly, has many hotels and bed and breakfasts 
(I recommend the Gettysburg Best Western - lot of history there), and 
has something for the whole family.  My one regret was that we didn't 
stay  longer - we got to go on a cool ghost tour (they have 7 companies 
giving out ghost tours), ate at a great restaurant (the Dobbin House), 
and celebrated our anniversary in our hotel room.
The NHL is still on strike, and now I'm starting to suffer.  Without 
baseball, now there is only basketball on during the week, and I'd rather 
watch American Idol while ripping out my teeth with a set of rusty 
plyers than watch basketball (especially, the NBA). The owners and players 
are more stubborn than I am - no easy task.  But, even I know when to 
say when, and obviously all involved in this lockout are morons.  This 
isn't the NFL - most people in the U.S. couldn't care less about hockey, 
and some of the fans of hockey could easily be pursuaded to follow the 
Philadelphia Soul (ugh).  Just do what is right, guys, and get a deal 

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