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Number 2


Observation 4.14
October 14, 2004
Observation 4.16
November 1, 2004
Just some quick thoughts:
1. I can't wait for this election to be over. I'm sick of the 
commercials, the mailings, the phone calls.  Is this the best way to "invest" 
your money, guys?  You two are really setting a poor example for the 
country, in addition to annoying me more than that "zoom-zoom" kid of the 
Mazda commercial fame.
2.  Speaking of annoying, what about those new Miller Lite commercials 
with the referee throwing flags at normal people doing normal things?  
I always considered Miller Lite commercials funny - even way back when 
John Madden would break through the paper at the end of the commercial, 
but these new commercials make me feel like switching the channel. I 
groan every time I see one of them, and they are played often, especially 
during NFL games. I'm disappointed in you, Miller Lite, and I drink 
your beer.
3.  I'm not sure why I remember this moment, but in a playoff soccer 
game when my Interboro team played against Downingtown, my name was said 
over the loudspeaker....unfortunately, it was after I got trampled by 
some 6-foot-7-inch giant yuppie.  I peed blood after that one, but I was 
happy that my name was said over the loudspeaker.  "An Interboro player 
is down.....it is number 14, Karl Grieb (of course they said it wrong, 
but who cares)."
4.  Not sure if anybody noticed, but Penn State scored 10 points last 
week against Ohio State.  Seems pretty mediocre, doesn't it?  But when 
you take into account that this team has scored 3, 4, 6, and 7 points in 
recent games, 10 is a milestone.  They still lost, but they would've 
won last week, had they scored more than the mystifying 4 points they 
managed to put up.  I won't even begin to get into a Joe Paterno rant, but 
I will say this:  isn't it time for Joe to go?"
5.  I got to watch the Ashley Simpson travesty on SNL live a few weeks 
ago, and I'm still not done salivating.  I love seeing these 
manufactured pop stars fall flat on their faces.  Because of the 
media/manufacturing machine, Ashley Simpson had the best selling record in the country.  
That shows you how powerful things are in the media.  Heck, they could 
probably make me have a best-selling record.  But seriously, I couldn't 
be happier that this happened.  She has barely any talent, and she is 
not even hot.  How the hell did executives sell this one? Here is the 
banter between 2 executives:
Moron number 1: "I have a great idea."
Moron number 2: "Wait, I can't do 2 things at one time.  Let me take 
the gum out of my mouth."
Moron number 1: "O.K., you know how well Jessica Simpson is doing, 
Moron number 2: ....trying to think.....trying to think...."Um, yeah."
Moron Number 1: "She has a younger sister who can't sing, and is really 
Moron Number 2:  "Go on......"
Moron Number 1:  "I think we can make her a star."
Moron Number 2: "Wait, let me put the gum back in my mouth."
6. The Ravens lost.  The Eagles beat them.  The best part was T.O. 
scoring a touchdown and doing the Ray Lewis dance afterwards.  I would hate 
T.O. if he wasn't an Eagle - in fact, I did when he played for San 
Francisco.  But, I REALLY hate Ray Lewis.  He is a great player, but what 
an egomaniac.  I had the opportunity to go to a Ravens game in Baltimore 
about 1 month ago, and his retarded entrance is all anyone down there 
talks about.  And then, during the game, when he is on defense, the big 
screen shows him (in Baltimore) before the play starts, and he looks up 
at the screen and sees himself, and then he gets nuttier.  Ugh.  Enough 
of him.  Let's not put a microphone on him during the game every again 
(and anyone else - it's the biggest waste of time and money), so we 
don't have to hear him say stupid things like "It's time to hunt." 
7.  The Yankees lost to the Red Sox. So now they are going to up their 
payroll to somewhere in the neighborhood of $225 million to $250 
million.  Can we all finally admit that there is something wrong with this, 
and that baseball can't survive if this keeps going on?  I think old 
George has finally lost his mind. He's starting to pull a Glenn Sather (or 
whoever the New York Rangers GM is), by pulling in overpriced players 
who aren't nearly as good as they used to be.  My hope is that with that 
size of a payroll, his beloved Yankees miss the playoffs altogether. 
(By the way, that is one thought for each Eagles win so far)

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