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Observation 4.12
September 3, 2004
Just a few points that have been "creeping and crawling" in my mind:
Isn't it great to be able to have the television on and have the 
Phillies on as background noise again?  For many months throughout this 
season, Philadelphians had to actually pay attention to the Phillies, 
because it was thought that this poorly constructed team actually had a 
chance to make it to the playoffs.  But, ever since the all-star break, this 
team has shown about as much heart as Allen Iverson does at practice.  
This reminds me of the good times in the mid-to-late 90's, when the 
Phillies were brutally bad, and one could put the game on in the 
background, and read a book or sleep all day.  Who cares what the outcome is, 
Harry Kalas will soothe me and take me to lala land.
I started up my MBA program this past Sunday...that's right, I'm going 
back to school. This time, I'm doing it online, though.  And, instead 
of 2 1/2 years of class, this is only 10 months! I figured, since 
Lockheed is paying for it, and since it is only 10 months, I might as well do 
it.  It can only help me in the long-run.  Oh, and this school is also 
accredited, so it is totally legit.  After one week of class, it isn't 
too bad.  There is a bit of reading, but not any more than my other 
Master's degree class a few years ago.  Plus, there is no traveling to and 
from class, AND the papers and research seem shorter.  Hopefully, this 
will spring-board me into a higher paying job so that I can get a 
Megatouch Machine AND get the dent in Tibby's roof replaced.
Penn State starts their college football season on Saturday against 
Akron, and they are favored by 15 points.  Take a picture, because the 
Nittany Lions will never be favored that much again this season.  I am 
realistically hoping for them to go 7-4....If I would've said that 10 
years ago, I would've been punched in the face by many a Penn State fan.  
The expectations were so much higher, then.  Unfortunately, this team no 
longer has those expectations.  I miss those days deeply.  Now, we have 
to sweat out wins against teams like Temple, and Indiana, and we have 
to hope to respectibly lose to teams like Ohio State and Michigan.  I 
hate that.
Are the Olympics over?  I watched about as much of the Olympics as I 
watched the WNBA this time around.  I used to watch them a lot, but 
unfortunately, NBC has decided to tilt the coverage in favor of the female 
viewer.  Translation - a lot of gymnastics and swimming televised at 
night.  No soccer, no boxing, no fencing....WTF!  I did watch some of the 
men's basketball games, because I was hoping the U.S. would lose (a 
topic for a later conversation).  But NBC could only show "highlights" of 
the U.S. women's soccer team's gold medal game?  It was Mia Hamm's last 
game, for christsake. I think the story or buildup could've written 
itself with that one.  Instead, they had to show synchronized diving, or 
something stupid like that.  Who are these programmers?  Of course, I 
think I'm in a minority, because NBC somehow got really high ratings.  I 
guess I don't have my finger on the pulse of society.
Oh, and the Video Music Awards - how much of a joke was this?  MTV 
doesn't even show videos anymore, so why do they have a video music awards 
show?  And has rock lost that much popularity, that the only mention of 
rock music was a section in which 3 bands played small bits of their 
songs in a 5 minute span?  How did Ashley Simpson get the top record on 
Billboard?  She is not attractive, and her music is worse than her 
sister's.  I hope the boat comes back soon, because I really missed it this 
time around.

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