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Observation 3.1.6

May 12, 2003

Well, it looks like I'll be doing this on an "every-two week" basis for the short-run, but it's better than nothing.  I just want to give another shout-out to the Flyers for following their annual script of losing in the playoffs when everybody begins to think they have a shot again.  This year, they lost to a superior team, the Ottawa Senators, but they could've possibly stolen a couple of games, IF Roman Cechmanik would only have resisted the urge to flop on the ice like a flounder in a couple of overtimes, and if John LeClair wasn't on the ice.  Yes, it's time for him and his over-abundant salary to leave Philly (but who in their right mind will take him?  If only the L.A. Clippers were a hockey team).

In case you are wondering (and I'm sure most of you are not), our dek hockey team did win the championship, 3 games to 1 a few Thursdays ago.  Considering that our team entered the playoffs in either 5th or 6th place, with a 6-6 record, I really didn't expect us to "gel" and win a championship, but we did so on a lot of grit, excellent team work, and some outstanding individual performances.  In my opinion, our best two players were Tony Camponelli and Chris Dorlan.  "Campsy" was incredible in net and kept us in a couple of games that we probably should've lost.  It is a pleasure to protect him on defense.  "Coatsey" is amazing when he has the ball.  Everyone on the other team focuses on him (including our guys, sometimes), and when he doesn't score, he's usually making a pass to someone who does score.  Without a doubt, Kurt Neff had an incredible season, especially when playoff time came along.  He hustled, found the open spot, and ended up scoring probably 6 or 7 goals in the playoffs.  Anthony D'Aversa was also a hustling machine, and a hitting machine too.  The teams we faced probably hated him the most (and all the refs did too - in fact, one of the refs told him he sucked when Davers made one of his many trips to the penalty box).  Rich Brown either pulled or tore a muscle in his rib-cage in game two of the championship game, and in an un-Brown-like fashion, he came back and played in games 3 and 4.  Without him, we wouldn't have won the championship.

So, the new job at Lockheed is going well, but the only thing is that the only radio station I get is 1210 -the Big Talker.  Now, surprisingly, I don't mind listening to Rush Limbaugh, he does make sense sometimes, and when he is not making sense, it is entertaining to hear him defend his points to the radio listeners.  Glenn Beck isn't bad either, but man oh man do I hate Don Imus.  You can barely understand the guy - it's as if he has a mouth full of cotton balls when he talks.  He's in his 60's, so hopefully he'll be dead soon.

The house is going well, and we have a target date of mid-June as a move-in date.  We'll hopefully have some sort of barbecue or party after that.  I can't wait for some of you to come over and see the place (especially the pricks who said they'd help with the house - thanks for nothing).

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