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February 29, 2004

Coach's Press Conference
First of all, no significant injuries to report.  This was probably the
most complete game we played all season.  Offensively, I've never seen
us look better. Drew Brees was 16 of 21 for over 300 yards and 3
touchdowns. We had balanced receiving - something we've been lacking.
LaDanian Tomlinson chipped in with 2 scores, and Andy Hamilton ran with
authority.  Our offensive line was perfect.  Our defense was able to stop
their running game early, and our offense forced them out of their
ball-control style.  To beat a team like Prospect Park is just amazing.  It'll
give our boys a lot of confidence heading into the playoffs. 

Question 1:  What, if anything did you do differently against the

Coach Grieb:  I'm not going to get into specifics, but we spread the
ball around a lot more, showed them different formations and plays, and
basically focused on controlling the football.  We focused on not
turning the ball over. Drew Brees only threw 1 or 2 bad passes today, and
luckily he wasn't penalized for it.  We had one fumble, but our boys
recovered it.


Question 2:  How big of a win is this for you and your team?

Coach Grieb:  It's huge, especially against such a well-coached
football team as the Prowlers.  They have so many weapons on offense, and
their defense is very strong.  We had a whole heap of trouble against them
last year, and it was nice to get that monkey off our back.


Question 3:  Are you planning on sitting some of your starters and
giving some of the other players a chance to play against the Bandits?

Coach Grieb:  Since we really can't catch the Panzies anymore, we are
going to give some guys some well-deserved playing time.  I'm excited to
see what Levon Davis can do at QB.  Also, Mark Hoofnagle is another
strong prospect we will be looking closely at (at left guard).  Dez Bryce
will get #1 receiver duties, and we want to see what Andy Stabler can
do for us at tight end.


Question 4:  What do you expect out of this game with the Bandits?

Coach Grieb:  No game is meaningless, but we won't be showing too much
of our offense to them - we'll save that for the playoffs.  That being
said, we will try out some new plays.


Question 5:  Out of the Prowlers and Panzies, which team would you
rather face in the playoffs?

Coach Grieb:  We aren't going to concern ourselves with that.  Both
teams are excellent, and we know we'll be in for a dogfight no matter who
we play.