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February 6, 2004

Coach Grieb:

"I was able to review the tapes this morning, and although this was probably our worst game to date, there were some positives. We were able to run the ball very well, and Stephen Alexander was able to get open downfield a lot. We didn't spread the ball around enough on offense, and we just were out of rhythm on defense. The game was a lot closer than the score showed, but we just can't afford to fall behind so quickly - how often have I said that? Drew Brees was dinged up a little, but he'll be ready to go against Tufftown, and Lassiter is also a go.

Question 1. - Why is the team coming out so flat in the first quarter so often?

Grieb - If I knew the answer to that, we'd have solved that question. These are professional athletes - they shouldn't have to be told when they need to play. It's a problem, and it is something that needs to be corrected, or else we may end up missing the playoffs.

Question 2. - What specifically did the Panzies do differently this game.

Grieb - They took away our screen pass. We should have sent more of the running backs downfield - they can outrun his linebackers. Brees had plenty of time to throw, he just didn't make the right reads. We should've kept running the ball the entire game, the way Tomlinson and Hamilton were playing. On Offense, the Panzies threw the ball a lot more than we had expected, and we didn't have an answer for that. We'll review the tapes to make sure we are prepared for the Killers.

Question 3. - Are you concerned about the special teams units?

Grieb - Of course I'm concerned! We missed a field goal, let a punt returner take one back 91 yards, and almost lost another fumble on the kickoff. The coaches know I'm concerned, and we are going to spend more time at practice on special teams. Their performance has been unacceptable.

Question 4. - Is this 2-game losing streak concerning you?

Grieb - What kind of question is that? Of course it's a concern! Please, if you are going to ask stupid questions like that, I'm going to have to cut this press conference short.

Question 5. - With the two losses, are you happy to see the Killerz?

Grieb - This is the DMFL, you idiots! No team is easy. The way we are playing right now, the Harriton Rams could beat us. That's it, obviously the intelligent questions have been left home. I'm outta here.